#10698: Raven -> Broke

I really don’t know where I got this.

Raven: what?

Raven: nine inch nails?

Broke: yes

Broke: what do you listen to?

Raven: Slayer, Kid Rock, I.C.P. Godsmack creed

Broke: cool

Broke: I listen to Slopknot, Marilyn Hanson, Creed, Disturbed, and Tombgrave

Broke: too many to list

Raven: yup same here i just listed some of my favs

Broke: The only problem is my parents dont like them

Raven: lol how old are you?

Broke: They think its responsible for my upbringing

Broke: Damn it, just I cause I’m still going to Junior College doesn’t mean music is responsible for it

Raven: my dad was the same way till i made him hear some then he likes a few songs so it became alright

Broke: Not my dad

Broke: That would never work

Broke: He’s part of my congregation and is tottally bat shit insane

Raven: that used to be my dad all right and mighty

Broke: you dont understand

Broke: he’s an auditor

Raven: crap no recalls on a game im playing

Broke: what?

Raven: Ultima Online

Broke: oh that game is tight

Broke: I used to play it

Raven: yup

Raven: im still kinda new at it

Broke: I was a swordsman or something, then some asshole ate all my food, so i quit

Raven: lol

Broke: like I said

Raven: im a grandmaster warrior

Broke: cool

Broke: My friend used to be a Grand Dragon before he cheated and got caught hanging a guy after killing him

Broke: Back to my parents

Raven: ok so whats up with them you said i didnt understand

Broke: My dad is an Audior

Raven: well i can see how that would make things intresting for you

Broke: He freakin wouldn’t let me listen toBlack Sabbath, just cause John Travolta had a run in with Ozzy

Broke: then they tried putting me in an asylum in their headquarters

Raven: john trav in my mind for one thing is a pussy no offence

Broke: dont worry I agree with you, he has too many cats in his mansion

Raven: hes a real dick in real life to

Broke: I finally put a 2 foot restraining order on my dad so he couldnt lock me up anywhere. I still live in the same house with him though

Raven: sounds kinda insane i was locked up for a bit once

Broke: Since his reach isn’t over two feet, i can tease him all i want

Broke: moron tried punching me from that far

Broke: why’d they lock you up?

Raven: im not all there upstairs and i was provoked into a fight and nearly killed a man so instead of jail they choose to put me in the nut house for about 2 years

Broke: Yeah my parents tried to have me arrested after that ritual up stairs in my house. The court dismissed it in return for that restraining order i placed on him

Raven: sounds intresting he has a order on him and you still live with him but he still tries to pull shit off

Broke: yes that stupid asshole. According to the will left to us by Lafayette Ronny Hobbert, I own 1/5 of our house, which is MY room.

Broke: He doesn’t realize that he cant kick me out. What i do in my side of the house is my business. I can drink all the nyquil i want.

Raven: but you said you tease him are you not asking him to kinda try something tho?

Broke: Im just teasing into reaction to what he says to me

Raven: i doubt its nyquil hes thinking your drinking

Broke: I’m not a hippy. I keep on telling him that

Raven: hippy? they died in the 50s


Broke: But since his leader says that hippies are evil, he thinks they sitll exist!!!

Raven: mabey hes more insane then me but thats going to far im out there

Broke: If anyything he should be calling me a goth, not a hippy. even though im not goth, something else.

Raven: what are you then?

Broke: Vamp

Raven: ah cool

Broke: its even easier to get laid than a goth

Broke: vamp chix will put out anything for blood

Raven: lol thats true

Broke: yeah, and then there’sa98739875puiojkln,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Raven: ?

Broke: shoot hold on.

Broke: crap, my fingers give out every once in a while. I just donated some today.

Broke: ok

Broke: I’m back

Raven: ok you alright there now

Broke: Yes, it’s just that my fingers feel week from giving out all the hemogoblin

Broke: ok back to the subject

Raven: we where talking about vamps getting laid more then goths

Broke: My parents tried to get me arrested. I was only trying to get fresh blood!!!

Raven: thats not right you where only trying to get your food

Broke: Yeah!!!

Broke: So what if I had to kill a couple of hamsters, rats, mice, snakes, to get it???! You feelin me?

Raven: a rat not as filling as a human but will hold you over till you can get one

Broke: Naw, i have to be careful with that

Broke: now

Raven: ahh man just get some lonely homeless guy that what i used to do

Broke: My parents were having a party. Some girl feel asleep and drew some blood

Broke: supposedly she was some model, but now i have hepamatitis D

Broke: It sucks cause i have to go through chemotheoropy next fall

Raven: eww that nasty

Broke: but living ain’t hard enough

Raven: try living forever man like 2100 years its not as easy

Broke: I know

Broke: According to my buddy’s girlfriend, her name’s Lillith and she’s over 10,000 years old!!!

Raven: if your dad isnt immortal like some of us you can be glad he will kick the bucket

Broke: yea bra

Raven: shes almost as old as me

Broke: coo coo

Broke: w8 a minute ur profile says ur 21… you trying to talk smack to me!!??

Raven: yea right like the profile will let me go back to watching Jesus get baptized

Broke: My friend’s asmodeus by the way

Raven: intresting

Broke: Since my parents are all ok with sex as long as its natural. Everyone knows that their religion’s all about getting laid. They got pretty mad about that crimson shower i gave her

Raven: that sounds like it would have been fun

Raven: quick one when the last time you had a full meal

Broke: about 2 years ago

Broke: but then i threw it up, it sux

Broke: literally

Raven: i dont mind throwing it up i hate it when the food fights back

Broke: yeah wait hold on a second

Broke: dammit, my parents are pounding on the door

Broke: How ,many times do i have to tell them this is my property. im going to turn up the music. I charge em for trespassing tomorrow

Broke: You ever play final fantasm?

Raven: number 10 but not as of late i dont have ps2

Broke: that sucks. haha, vampire joke

Broke: what about Twisted metal gear solid?

Raven: nope another thing that sucks

Broke: hahaha

Broke: Oh shit

Broke: Oh no!

Raven: ?

Broke: I needla;jfd

Broke: theyre trying to tear melak;j away from the key brd

Broke: i need you to call my local police dprtment

Broke: ajkl theyre going to …hold on

Broke: ok the mace will put him out for a while

Raven: its really not in my nature to care about others but i have no clue where you are so i really cant

Broke: ill give you the local police number

Broke: 818 321 4906

Broke: Hurry he’s coming to

Raven: still i dont really care about other like me its not in my nature to do something like that but i might if i feel like it

Broke: theyre gonna take me to that place across from kaiser sunset

Broke: Tell my mom that I love her!!!

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