#10678: davepoobond -> Trance N Dent

davepoobond: is it true?

Auto response from Trance N Dent: Blit

Trance N Dent: is what true

davepoobond: that you like cinnamon and gay sex

Trance N Dent: yeah 🙁

davepoobond: that’s appaling

davepoobond: i’ll never forget those nights

davepoobond: i wonder if it was a dream

davepoobond: all night i was screaming

davepoobond: and baby when i get you back

davepoobond: i’ll show you what i’m made of

Trance N Dent: tru whos this?

Trance N Dent: obvious a kid ahaha

Trance N Dent: well I gotta get back to tha game

davepoobond: i wouldn’t be singing boys of summer to you if i were a kid

davepoobond: loser

Auto response from Trance N Dent: Blitday is friday everybody commin up my way trying grub on tha yayo niggas cant say no to this shit it hits like 2 ton brick.

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