#10605: davepoobond -> MorzyMagic

davepoobond: i saw something pretty weird like 20 min. ago

davepoobond: i was at OSH turning in a job application, and i parked next to this ford excursion, and i notice that the door handle is hanging off the door

davepoobond: and then i see this dirty looking guy with a long bear coming out behind a car with a bag, and he looks at me looking at the car i guess

davepoobond: and then he went over to the car, and then he shoved his arm into the hole and opened the door like that and got in

davepoobond: he didnt start the car until i was away though

MorzyMagic: weird

MorzyMagic: hmmm

davepoobond: its obvious he stole it

davepoobond: cause if he could afford an excursion

davepoobond: he could afford pants that weren’t purple

MorzyMagic: hahaha yeha

MorzyMagic: that’s weird

davepoobond: and when i came out of OSH, i saw the car leaving, but i couldnt see the liscence plates

davepoobond: and on the way back i saw at least 10 police cars

davepoobond: realllly weird

MorzyMagic: wow

davepoobond: i was kinda thinking to myself “should i tell the cops”

davepoobond: but i couldnt cause i didnt see the liscense plates…

davepoobond: eh oh well. that’s the adventure of my life

MorzyMagic: haha well what are you gonna do

davepoobond: stay at home and hope it allll goes away…

MorzyMagic: hahaha

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