#10572: davepoobond -> OdinForever

davepoobond: do you know where i can find spock

OdinForever: go downstairs and then the second door to the right

davepoobond: ah…

davepoobond: but that doesnt make sense

davepoobond: i dont have any doors

OdinForever: umm

OdinForever: then take a left

OdinForever: then a left

OdinForever: and repeat the cycle

davepoobond: but then i’ll go left forever

OdinForever: pretty much

davepoobond: what would that accomplish

OdinForever: spock

davepoobond: i wouldn’t find spock

davepoobond: i need an address

davepoobond: hellooooo

OdinForever: who is spock and who are you


OdinForever: does he sell weed?!?

davepoobond: …..yes…..

davepoobond: 😀

OdinForever: I like spock

OdinForever: lets go on a pilgramage to find spock

davepoobond: ok where do we start

OdinForever: …second door to the right

davepoobond: i dont have that many doors ok

OdinForever: first door then?

davepoobond: just my front door, back door

davepoobond: side door

davepoobond: ceiling door

davepoobond: ground door

davepoobond: barbecue door

davepoobond: and my dresser drawer door

OdinForever: dresser drawer then. Alice in Wonderland style

OdinForever: just drink the solution

OdinForever: and we’ll shrink

davepoobond: ok whee look i shrunk

OdinForever: told ya!

OdinForever: and now to find the Cheshire Cat

OdinForever: he always helped alice out

davepoobond: i hate that fag. i’m gonna kill him

OdinForever: well if he’s dead we cant find Spock now can we?!

OdinForever: now chill out

davepoobond: HES DEAD

OdinForever: dont make me use my valium pills on U

davepoobond: oh no

davepoobond: not htat

davepoobond: that

davepoobond: hat

davepoobond: hate

davepoobond: that

OdinForever: dont stop there!

OdinForever: is that the best you can do

davepoobond: kinda

davepoobond: i’m sorry

OdinForever: pitiful

davepoobond: yeah it was

OdinForever: do I know U by any chance

davepoobond: maybe

OdinForever: possibly maybe?

OdinForever: I didn’t think so

davepoobond: possibly sublety maybe

OdinForever: how very Bjork of you

davepoobond: yes aint it

OdinForever: so how are we doing with finding Spock?

davepoobond: y’know, you coulda just told me the next starwars convention

davepoobond: where it was and such

davepoobond: since your common interest is science fiction

OdinForever: its Star Trek buddy

davepoobond: i knew that

davepoobond: wait…i didnt

OdinForever: and I dont like Star Trek at all its gay

davepoobond: wasn’t spock that hairy guy

davepoobond: that was always like “haaaaarr”

OdinForever: umm I dont know but I know he has pointy ears

OdinForever: who uses “buddy find wizard” nowadays anyway?

davepoobond: i do

OdinForever: im sorry

davepoobond: :-[

OdinForever: thats very crazy of you, ya’know

OdinForever: using buddy find wizard

OdinForever: just dont ever do it again and I forgive you

OdinForever: dammit I need to smoke more weed

davepoobond: i can see i picked the wrong guy with “odin” in his screen name today

OdinForever: wut did U expect, a chat about Star Trek?

OdinForever: no thanks

OdinForever: odin is a god BTW

davepoobond: yeah kinda…

davepoobond: i know that

davepoobond: i played FF8

davepoobond: doy

OdinForever: I loved ff8

OdinForever: was he in 8?

OdinForever: I dont remember

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: he appeared randomly

OdinForever: oh thats right

davepoobond: and chopped the shit out of the enemies

OdinForever: and he slashed with his house

OdinForever: horse

OdinForever: yeah

OdinForever: 8 was probly my second favorite

OdinForever: next to 10

davepoobond: yeah

OdinForever: 9 was overrated

davepoobond: but it was still good

OdinForever: yeah it was

The rest isn’t funny.

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