#10548: davepoobond -> TBomb

davepoobond: i just killed a moth with my super fast reflexes

TBomb: really?

davepoobond: oh yeah

davepoobond: clapped it between my muscular hands

TBomb: i dont like getting near “things”

TBomb: bugs

TBomb: and creepy crawlers

davepoobond: i’da done it with my pecs


davepoobond: but it was too high up

TBomb: muscurlar hands


davepoobond: how was your report card

TBomb: it was good

davepoobond: gpa

TBomb: haha

TBomb: 4.3

davepoobond: woweeee


davepoobond: i got a 3.00

TBomb: really?

davepoobond: yeah

TBomb: i’d hate to get dat


TBomb: i win!

davepoobond: 🙁

TBomb: 🙁

davepoobond: it was the best gpa i’ve ever gotten

TBomb: sure…

davepoobond: it is

TBomb: are you proud of urself?

davepoobond: actually yes

davepoobond: its the first time i’ve ever gotten straight bs

TBomb: wow

TBomb: actually 4.3 is the highest i got

TBomb: last yr it was like 3.5

davepoobond: smart ass

davepoobond: think you’re sooo much better than the rest of us 3.00ers


TBomb: :-):-):-D

davepoobond: wouldn’t that be great if there were scholarships for guys named david that ran a site called squackle


davepoobond: and who’s house smells like a skunk now


davepoobond: UGGHHH

TBomb: are you gonna put the site thingy in ur file thingy?

TBomb: wats dat thing called


TBomb: like all ur awards and crap go in “the file”

davepoobond: ………eh?

TBomb: pro-something

TBomb: or maibne not

davepoobond: profile?

TBomb: no

davepoobond: college application?

TBomb: the thing we did in junior high

davepoobond: psychiatric admittance form?


davepoobond: personal porfolio?

TBomb: YES

TBomb: portfolio

davepoobond: i dont have one of those…

TBomb: pro, por watever

davepoobond: the Donnas are sooooo good

TBomb: take it off?


TBomb: i dont like dat song

davepoobond: hell yeah man

davepoobond: ah comon

davepoobond: comon and take it off

TBomb: are they new?

davepoobond: TAKE IT OFF!

davepoobond: take it off baby for meeee

davepoobond: that song is, i dont think they are

TBomb: ok

davepoobond: i’ve heard of them before i think

TBomb: :-):-)

TBomb: o

davepoobond: another good band is simple plan

davepoobond: cause they’d do anything

davepoobond: just to hold you in their arms

TBomb: ya

TBomb: i heard

davepoobond: and to fall asleep with you


davepoobond: dunununu!

TBomb: dunu?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: the main riff

TBomb: o

TBomb: dunununu

TBomb: i get it

davepoobond: wooooowwwwuuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhh

davepoobond: guess what that is

davepoobond: you may think it is the guitar solo, but its really the singer

davepoobond: cause that’s what he sounds like

davepoobond: a guitar….solo…

davepoobond: …..

TBomb: huh?

TBomb: wowuah

davepoobond: yeah

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