#10535: davepoobond -> lozerkid

davepoobond: hey loser

lozerkid: whos this?

davepoobond: Joe mama

lozerkid: for real!?!?!

lozerkid: who is this…

davepoobond: i told you

davepoobond: do you need me to type it again

lozerkid: who?

lozerkid: no…just tell the truth…

davepoobond: dave

davepoobond: fine

lozerkid: do you know me?

davepoobond: no

lozerkid: so how did you get my sn?

davepoobond: but i know your a loser

lozerkid: its from blink 182

davepoobond: i searched for “loser” in buddy find and you came up

lozerkid: haha…..thats great…..have you ever heard of “blink182 loserkids?”

lozerkid: wots your asl?

lozerkid: ?????

davepoobond: 17/m/ca

davepoobond: u

lozerkid: 16/f/va

davepoobond: ba?

lozerkid: virgina

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: your font is really weird

lozerkid: yeah

lozerkid: sorry….

lozerkid: do you want me to change it fer ya?

davepoobond: its ok

lozerkid: ok….

lozerkid: so what kind of music do you like?

davepoobond: mostly rock

lozerkid: cool

lozerkid: do you play any sports?

davepoobond: no

lozerkid: o

davepoobond: do you?

lozerkid: yeah

lozerkid: soccer….

lozerkid: so wots up with you sn?

lozerkid: i gtg

davepoobond: not much, its what i’m known as on my sie

davepoobond: site

davepoobond: k bye

davepoobond: www.squackle.com

davepoobond: that’s it

lozerkid: haha

lozerkid: later

davepoobond: k bye

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