#10533: davepoobond -> Bandaid Brand24

davepoobond IMd Bandaid Brand24 something that was in a SUM41 song, and like 4 minutes later…

Bandaid Brand24: bicth

davepoobond: what?

Bandaid Brand24: who r u?

davepoobond: who are YOU?

davepoobond: you just IM me outta the blue

Bandaid Brand24: why did you Im me?

davepoobond: i didnt IM you

davepoobond: what did i say

Bandaid Brand24: you IMed me out of the blue

davepoobond: yeah right

davepoobond: i dont believe you

Bandaid Brand24: i dont know i delted it.. but it was something stupid

Bandaid Brand24: omg.. your so fucking stupid

davepoobond: sure sure

Bandaid Brand24: what grwade r u in?

davepoobond: what grade are YOU in

davepoobond: you cant even SPELL grade

Bandaid Brand24: 9

davepoobond: aha stupid freshmen

Bandaid Brand24: its cuz i type fast

davepoobond: ooooooh so fast

davepoobond: go for accuracy

Bandaid Brand24: what grade are you in?

davepoobond: people can race fast and drive into walls

davepoobond: 11

davepoobond: big shot

Bandaid Brand24: so.. you want me to take offense to the fact that ur aolder than me?

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: i never said that

Bandaid Brand24: just becuz your in 11 grade and im in 9th?

davepoobond: when did i say that

Bandaid Brand24: im a stipid freshmen?

davepoobond: cause you are

Bandaid Brand24: davepoobond (10:29:58 PM): aha stupid freshmen

Bandaid Brand24: how do you know?

davepoobond: urrmm…

Bandaid Brand24: do you know who i am?

davepoobond: how do i know what

davepoobond: sure i guess

Bandaid Brand24: im a stuopid freshmen?

davepoobond: i can learn enough just because of what you’re saying write now

davepoobond: you cant even SPELL stupid

Bandaid Brand24: you dont know a damn thing about me

davepoobond: yabb yabb yabb

Bandaid Brand24: i cant spell?

Bandaid Brand24: check this…davepoobond (10:31:43 PM): i can learn enough just because of what you’re saying write now

Bandaid Brand24: look how you spelled right

Bandaid Brand24: dumbass

davepoobond: i wasn’t trying to spell “right”

davepoobond: i was trying to spell “write”

Bandaid Brand24: i dont care…your stupid

davepoobond: you’re stupid

davepoobond: with an e

davepoobond: your stupid is possessive

davepoobond: i have no stupid

davepoobond: where is my stupid?

davepoobond: y’like sum 41

Bandaid Brand24: so.. basically…i am a stupid freshemn becuz i am younger than you(which i have no control over) and you dont know a damnt hign about me???.. that what YOU’RE saying?

davepoobond: you and me baby aint nothin but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel

Bandaid Brand24: YOU’RE sucha a fucking queer

Bandaid Brand24: such a *

davepoobond: you dont even know that song

Bandaid Brand24: thats right.. i have no idea what song that is

davepoobond: i was listening to that song when you were in…1…2…3….6th grade!

davepoobond: so was everyone else

davepoobond: get it

davepoobond: its good

davepoobond: Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch

Bandaid Brand24: ok?

Bandaid Brand24: congratulations

davepoobond: glad you agree

davepoobond: no one likes it anymore

davepoobond: thats why its a good song

Bandaid Brand24: YOU’RE fucking gay.. don’t talk to me..i have better things to do with my time

davepoobond: no you dont

davepoobond: like what

davepoobond: tell me one thing

Bandaid Brand24: anything that doesnt involve talking to you

davepoobond: ok, how about this

davepoobond: going to www.squackle.com

Bandaid Brand24: something that doesn’t involve talking to you..is a better use of my time

Bandaid Brand24: or.. how about no?

davepoobond: aw comon

davepoobond: its worth it

Bandaid Brand24: no its not

Bandaid Brand24: shtu the fuck up

Bandaid Brand24: what school you go to?

davepoobond: what would that matter

davepoobond: what state do you live in

Bandaid Brand24: you go to Greenwood?

davepoobond: no

Bandaid Brand24: Indiana

davepoobond: i live in california, buddy

Bandaid Brand24: how the hell was i suppoed to know

davepoobond: you werent

Bandaid Brand24: so dont call me buddy

davepoobond: i’m sorry

davepoobond: but you ARE on my buddy list

davepoobond: so that makes you a buddy

davepoobond: doesn’t it?

Bandaid Brand24: not if i dontk now you, and dont want to

davepoobond: comon you don’t even know me

davepoobond: didn’t you say that yourself

Bandaid Brand24: and i intend to kepp it that way

davepoobond: “you dont know me blah blah blah whie whine whine whine”

davepoobond: oooh snappy comeback

Bandaid Brand24: i did say it.. and i dont want to know anything about you

davepoobond: i like movies

davepoobond: and slumber parties

Bandaid Brand24: i will admit.. that was pretty damn snappy

Bandaid Brand24: and tell me why i give a shit?

davepoobond: cause i saw the michael jackson interview thing yesterday

davepoobond: the whole 2 hours

davepoobond: did you see that?

davepoobond: or is he too old for you

Bandaid Brand24: congrats

Bandaid Brand24: once again.. starting off with the young jokes… you realize that has no affect on me becuz i cant control how old i am

davepoobond: no, that’s kind of in the general aspect

davepoobond: cause michael jackson might be too old for some people to care about him at all

davepoobond: regardless of age

davepoobond: oh look at that, i used regardless

Bandaid Brand24: please note the sarcasm when i say…

davepoobond: aren’t you suprised

Bandaid Brand24: o yeh.. i dont know who he is

davepoobond: hi

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