#10525: davepoobond -> Edmonem

davepoobond: hey

Edmonem: who diz

davepoobond: you dont remember me

davepoobond: again

davepoobond: you forgot me 4 times already

davepoobond: don’t you remember forgetting me?

Edmonem: hmm .. no

davepoobond: urgghhh!!!

Edmonem: well .. i hit my head 5 times on some sharp stuff a few months ago

davepoobond: oh…

davepoobond: k

Edmonem: and i dint even noe

Edmonem: until my friend told me

Edmonem: xP

Edmonem: haha

Edmonem: yeh

davepoobond: ah ha yeah

davepoobond: that’s always a pain

davepoobond: when you knock your head against sharp objects

davepoobond: and not even know you are

davepoobond: until someone tells you

Edmonem: haha

Edmonem: yehh

Edmonem: i fainted 5 times

Edmonem: at the mall

Edmonem: -_-*

Edmonem: everyojne was looking

Edmonem: and i had no idea wuh was goin on

davepoobond: prices too high at the 99 cent store?

Edmonem: ?/

davepoobond: is that the reason you fainted

davepoobond: cause the prices are too high

Edmonem: i dont get it

Edmonem: haha

davepoobond: never mind

Edmonem: sorry im kinda retarded in the head

davepoobond: you didnt used to

davepoobond: =(

Edmonem: wanna see mah pics ?

Edmonem: i got new ones

Edmonem: =)

davepoobond: ok sure

Edmonem: umm

Edmonem: go to

Edmonem: www.essenceX.com

Edmonem: n then

Edmonem: my user name thing

Edmonem: is

Edmonem: mizzetard

davepoobond: nice pictures

Edmonem: ty

davepoobond: so how’s the kids

davepoobond: whoa! they made Jungle Book 2!

davepoobond: isn’t that amazing

davepoobond: now we can find out what happens to mogley

davepoobond: even though we don’t care


Edmonem: lol

Edmonem: i guess ?

davepoobond: did you see that commercial with that naked guy running around on the soccer field

Edmonem: yes

davepoobond: it was funny the first time, but the other 1293 times i’ve seen it, it gets kinda long

Edmonem: haha’

Edmonem: icic

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