#10471: davepoobond -> adidasdrgn

The next day, after #10470.

davepoobond: blah

adidasdrgn: blah

davepoobond: bloop

adidasdrgn: hey my friend was bugging you last night. GERP

davepoobond: yeah

adidasdrgn: did he say who he was?

davepoobond: but i bugged her back

adidasdrgn: HER?

davepoobond: er

adidasdrgn: you mean HIM

davepoobond: yeah

adidasdrgn: lol

davepoobond: that’s right

adidasdrgn: yup, hahahah he said he was a girl?

davepoobond: coulda fooled me

davepoobond: not really

davepoobond: i just got that vibe

adidasdrgn: LOL

adidasdrgn: haha, that’s funny

adidasdrgn: What did u guys talk about

davepoobond: he called you a crack whore

adidasdrgn: 😉

adidasdrgn: lol, not really

davepoobond: heh

adidasdrgn: brb\

davepoobond: he was annoying me, and i was busy doing something, so i didnt really pay attention to what he was saying for about a half an hour

davepoobond: and then i started being annoying back to him

adidasdrgn: good job

adidasdrgn: he told me the conversation got bad?

davepoobond: not really

davepoobond: i told him he was an idiot

adidasdrgn: lol

adidasdrgn: goood

adidasdrgn: haha people got a kick out of your sn.

adidasdrgn: but i gotta play a game now, cya

davepoobond: whaddya mean

davepoobond: my sn

adidasdrgn: YOur icon

davepoobond: oh

adidasdrgn: whooops

davepoobond: the red guy

adidasdrgn: es

adidasdrgn: yes

davepoobond: oook

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