#10457: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: fart

stimpyismyname: do anything

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: no

stimpyismyname: update squackle

stimpyismyname: ?

davepoobond: yeah

stimpyismyname: hey

stimpyismyname: i didnt say that

davepoobond: uh ok

stimpyismyname: “dave sucks, unfortunately, so do I”

davepoobond: ahem well

davepoobond: no comment

davepoobond: i didnt say “I like wang.” either

stimpyismyname: sure you did

stimpyismyname: lots of times

stimpyismyname: you know no one goes there

davepoobond: as opposed to the millions that go to squackle

stimpyismyname: yes

stimpyismyname: chrissoft gets oe a month

stimpyismyname: and its me

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: well maybe if you work hard at it for 3 years, and get members that don’t care too much about the site really anymore, maybe you’ll start getting 30 to 40 hits a day

stimpyismyname: cry cry dave

davepoobond: i am crying

stimpyismyname: i dont care that no one goes

stimpyismyname: why would i care

davepoobond: i dont know, cuz “you suck”

stimpyismyname: cuz “you like wang”

davepoobond: cuz you admitted urself that you suck

stimpyismyname: you admitted you like dick

davepoobond: what! i thought we were talking about wang the character here.

stimpyismyname: no no nooooo

davepoobond: you deceitful bastard

stimpyismyname: ha HA

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