#10453: davepoobond -> Holmes

davepoobond: hey boyeee

davepoobond: i saw Black Knight

Holmes: hey monster truck man

davepoobond: it was horrible

Holmes: was it good?

Holmes: figures

davepoobond: it wasn’t nearly as funny as it was supposed to be

davepoobond: it started out with martin lawrence being a jackass

davepoobond: and that was kinda funny

davepoobond: but then he goes through “this magical journey that ends up being a dream”

davepoobond: and everything changes for him

davepoobond: yadda yadda yadda

davepoobond: do good here do good there inside the dream

Holmes: thansk for telling me the story

Holmes: asshole

davepoobond: my pleasure

Holmes: j/k

Holmes: i wasn’t going to see it

davepoobond: well it has some funny stuff, but not too much to make you laugh out loud

davepoobond: kinda like a “heh”

Holmes: oh

davepoobond: its so stupid, this black guy talking about stuff now, and he knows he’s in the 14th century

Holmes: blue streak was pretty funny

davepoobond: yeah it was

davepoobond: but that was made to be funny. this was made to teach a lesson

Holmes: big momma’s house = eh

davepoobond: its like a family movie with cuss words in it basically

davepoobond: and a black guy

davepoobond: you dont see many family movies with black guys in it unless its an all black cast

Holmes: true

Holmes: life was funny…with eddie murphy and martin lawrence

davepoobond: everyone was white in the movie most of the time except, of course, the lady he tries to get it with

davepoobond: there just HAPPENED to be another black girl in england

Holmes: coincidence?

davepoobond: it took about a half an hour in the beginning for him to realize he was in the 14th century

Holmes: hahaha

davepoobond: such a waste of time

Holmes: but i know the number 1 movie i want to see

Holmes: Like Mike

Holmes: (major sarcasm)

davepoobond: oh man

davepoobond: i almost screamed everytime i saw previews for it

Holmes: oh man….

Holmes: and i thought i was the only one

davepoobond: and i think there was this one sentence that i always heard that i repeated

davepoobond: every single time

Holmes: “please let me be……..like mike”

davepoobond: i forgot what it was though…

davepoobond: yeah what the hell

davepoobond: stupid sneakers

davepoobond: they’ve been on a telephone wire for 20 years

davepoobond: God knows how it got up there in the first place

davepoobond: don’t you think itd be kinda nasty putting your foot into that thing

Holmes: it took about 20 hours for a kid in pakistan to finish making those sneakers for Nike

davepoobond: at least those kids are working

davepoobond: unlike the lazy children here

Holmes: yeah

davepoobond: all children should be put to work! just like before the progressives spoiled everything

Holmes: damn progressives

Holmes: !

davepoobond: yeah! making everything today become the standard of what we want everyday. damn them for making us so picky

Holmes: damn them for wanting our drinks: “shaken…..not stirred!”

Holmes: or our meat not rare or well done, but medium!

davepoobond: i dont think they did that…

davepoobond: what they did was actually guarantee that the meat was actually meat

davepoobond: etc. etc.

Holmes: well they should go to mcdonalds

Holmes: and guarrentee THATS meat

davepoobond: its meat, we just dont know what from

Holmes: because i don’t know if I’m eating a timberland boot or rat meat for the chicken nuggets

davepoobond: chicken nuggets are pretty nasty….but at least it isn’t made of soy

davepoobond: have you ever had soy chicken nuggets?

Holmes: yuck no!

davepoobond: i did

davepoobond: worse than anything you can imagine

davepoobond: un-be-lievable

Holmes: i think the worst thing i’ve ever eaten was encore frozen hamburgers

Holmes: it tasted like it was creating a colony of shit on your toungue

Holmes: and the taste would not come out no matter what!

davepoobond: heh


Holmes: i ended up throwing up

Holmes: even the throw up tasted better then the burgers

Holmes: but you probablly didn’t want to hear that

davepoobond: it comes to wonder, how people even market that shit and pretend like they’re gonna make money

davepoobond: what do they think we are?

Holmes: idiotic fat americans who spend money on anything that sounds good

davepoobond: yeah, and they milk it for all that products worth until it stops making money, and then they move onto their next shitty product

davepoobond: like Diet Soda

Holmes: y – u – c – k

Holmes: Pepsi One

Holmes: Diet pepsi

Holmes: Diet caffeine free pepsi

Holmes: Diet coke

Holmes: Diet coke with lemon twist

davepoobond: diet 7 up

Holmes: diet sprite

davepoobond: diet cherry pepsi

davepoobond: diet cherry coke

davepoobond: diet cherry 7 up

Holmes: diet vanilla coke

Holmes: diet dew

Holmes: diet dr. pepper

davepoobond: this is a sad world we live in when there’s more than 4000 different sodas to chose from

Holmes: and the biggest problem in this world is choosing between the two rivals

Holmes: coke

Holmes: or

Holmes: pepsi

davepoobond: there’s also RC

davepoobond: but no one gives a shit about them

Holmes: RC….i haven’t had a cola from them in a long ass time

davepoobond: they don’t sell it anywhere but in the middle of the desert at a garage with a vending machine 20 years old

Holmes: ever try moxy?

davepoobond: the hell?

Holmes: moxy is the first original “soda”

davepoobond: i thought it was 7 up

Holmes: it’s uncarbonated and has almost no sugar

davepoobond: oh.

Holmes: wait

davepoobond: that’s not a soda

Holmes: it’s carbonated

Holmes: sorry

Holmes: forget i said that

davepoobond: k

davepoobond: y’mean club soda?

Holmes: no

Holmes: but my cousin drank some

Holmes: he said it hits your toungue like a 2000 pound bitter anvil

Holmes: gotta go

davepoobond: k bye

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