#10448: davepoobond -> Holmes

davepoobond: i saw this ridiculous movie

davepoobond: called “message in a voice mail”

davepoobond: it was a family movie

davepoobond: kinda thing

davepoobond: on HBO Family

davepoobond: this stupid kid finds this fat guy’s cell phone, and when he goes to his hotel room to return it to him, he hears the guy getting shot “and also his father’s name”

davepoobond: and this little kid was so annoying

davepoobond: his face

davepoobond: my god, i never saw such a stupid face

Holmes: lol

davepoobond: its like a cross between macauly culkin’s screaming face

davepoobond: and some other thing

davepoobond: like a kid that has been molested

davepoobond: many times

davepoobond: and he has 2 stupid friends

davepoobond: one asshole

davepoobond: and this fat kid

davepoobond: that isn’t really that fat

davepoobond: but he is

davepoobond: and he wears glasses

davepoobond: and he always has a lollipop

davepoobond: and the “popular hangout” is the pool at this hotel

davepoobond: all these kinda hot girls were actually there

davepoobond: and the first 10 or 15 minutes of the movie

davepoobond: was just them being assholes

davepoobond: and pushing girls in bikinis into the pool

davepoobond: and that stupid asshole friend “breakdances” and shit

davepoobond: and theres like all these scenes of him following right behind all these hot girls underwater

Holmes: wow

davepoobond: and then after about 7 of those

davepoobond: he’s gettin chased by a fat girl in a one piece

davepoobond: the same way

davepoobond: goddamn its so stupid

davepoobond: he missed like the vital 2 minutes of the movie though, so i didnt understand the rest of the movie that much

davepoobond: something about like they had to crack the code or something

davepoobond: man

davepoobond: it sucked

davepoobond: another movie that sucked: Chrome and Hot Leather

davepoobond: check it out

davepoobond: it was made in 1970

davepoobond: its about a biker gang

Holmes: too many damn bad movies

davepoobond: and in that family movie

davepoobond: they only had one song

davepoobond: as their soundtrack

davepoobond: it was a punk song

davepoobond: they played it at the beginning, and at the end

davepoobond: it was supposed to make it seem like those 3 kids were really cool

davepoobond: cuz they were breakdancing and shit

davepoobond: but they really werent breakdancing

Holmes: wow

Holmes: sounds horrible

davepoobond: it is


davepoobond: i cant even explain why someone would write something like this

davepoobond: unless they had a similar experience

davepoobond: and the acting is purely laughable

davepoobond: its one of the funniest movies i’ve ever seen

davepoobond: and all through the movie, its like “what the hell is the mom doing, she’s so stupid”

davepoobond: she’s aware of the problem, but she doesn’t care to find out about it

davepoobond: and this guys dad is in jail

davepoobond: man its just so stupid

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