#10441: Rick Torn -> Para

Para: I am probably going to go to hell for this one. However, if anyone tries to sell me on something, they better know what they are talking about. Heaven help them if they contradict themselves as well.

Rick Torn: Would you like to join your friends and family in an every loving eternity of bliss, within the embrace of christianity?

Para: Does it come with a health plan?

Rick Torn: The.. loving touch of jehovah.

Para: Dental as well?

Rick Torn: Perhaps at some of our christian dental practices.

Para: Ah…

Para: Query, do my pets get a special place in Heaven?

Para: Eternal bliss without my cat doesn’t seem all that likely.

Rick Torn: Of course, all your loved ones join your within the great bosomn of heavan.

Para: Do people learn how to spell in heaven?

Rick Torn: Gods love is not simply restricted to those who may spell.

Rick Torn: So what do you say spirit sister?

Para: I didn’t say his love was restricted to that.

Para: I merely asked if part of the bliss was that people would spell correctly.

Rick Torn: yes, it is,

Rick Torn: Would you like to follow the path of jesus?

Para: Which path?

Rick Torn: the path to righteousness..

Para: There are so many interpretations of the bible. How many paths of righteousness are there?

Rick Torn: Which when this 12,000 year old world will be destroyed by the apocalypse you will be saved.

Para: Will only Christians be saved?

Rick Torn: Because thet rue bible, the testament tell me so.

Rick Torn: Those who have accepted god will be saved.

Para: There are many different gods worshipped in the world though.

Rick Torn: Ah..but only one true god.

Para: Which ones will go to hell because they never even knew about Jesus?

Rick Torn: Everyone has a chance to know about jesus, if they truly search their soul.

Rick Torn: They need no foreign assistance.

Rick Torn: For the holy ghost is within them upon birth.

Para: Yes, but how do they know it is Jesus, and not Satan? It is said that Satan is one who plays tricks and is much more crafty than us mortals.

Para: How can we be sure we are following the right deity?

Rick Torn: You would need to turn to a darker path in order to find satan, where as gods love is with you when you’re born.

Para: Yet, there were many wars fought in God’s name.

Para: Is that not a dark path?

Para: That of war?

Rick Torn: They are faught in gods name, but they place his name in vain..

Rick Torn: If I were to say..”God damn” I would be using gods name.

Rick Torn: It would be in vain however.

Para: Well, I am sorry to say, but I have slipped and said God’s name in vain.

Para: I guess I am doomed.

Rick Torn: Who said that?

Rick Torn: as long as you truly love god it doesn’t matter what language you use. I could be the greatest pasture in the world and still say god damn yet find love for god in my soul, they’re only words.

Para: Then why is it a Cardinal sin?

Para: Are you saying the bible doesn’t mean what it says?

Rick Torn: The bible doesn’t mention quite a few things.

Rick Torn: It doesn’t mention dinosaurs yet there is evidence they existed.

Rick Torn: That is proof that the bible is slightly flawed, however true love of god is not.

Rick Torn: It’s more instinctive.

Para: So, you willingly follow a flawed book?

Para: I thought God was perfect.

Para: Why would he inspire people to create something in his name, that was in error?

Rick Torn: God is perfect, humans are not..

Rick Torn: and he used a human as his conduit to earth.

Para: So then, is Jesus imperfect?

Rick Torn: the more important ideas in the bible are true..the rest are there to appease the apathetic dosile masses,those who are ignorant to his might.

Para: He was human, correct?

Rick Torn: correct.

Rick Torn: Only jehovah is perfect.

Para: So, you are saying that the rest is to dupe the masses.

Rick Torn: Pretty much.

Para: Didn’t Hitler do the same thing? Make up wild claims to appease the masses so he could gain power?

Rick Torn: Some some extent.

Rick Torn: to some extent*

Para: Didn’t Hitler wage wars for his beliefs? As do most holy wars occur?

Rick Torn: He sure did.

Para: Where is the difference?

Para: Doesn’t the bible say that you should kill in certain circumstances? As where people are being blasphemous?

Rick Torn: God didn’t insinuate the wars..humans did.

Rick Torn: As I stated, they aren’t perfect.

Rick Torn: So how could they possibly comprehend the divine knowledge of jehovah..without making some error?

Para: Then why should I follow your religions interpretation of the bible? When you just admitted that people are flawed.

Rick Torn: Perhaps that was his purpose..

Rick Torn: To put some error in the bible..

Rick Torn: So that people will think..

Para: So that he would lose the lambs who could not make the leap of faith over the flaws?

Rick Torn: The sickly, weak minded lambs?

Rick Torn: yes.

Para: Am I not one of them, for I find the flaws glaring.

Rick Torn: You must simply look beyond the flaws..I’m sure you have flaws yourself and afterall it was translated by man.

Para: What if I can’t look beyond the flaws?

Para: That is like asking someone to touch the back of a fireplace and to ignore the fact that it is on fire.

Rick Torn: If you yourself were a being of fire at the time you were passing your hand through the fire to touch the back of the fireplace..

Rick Torn: you could simply ignore it..

Rick Torn: much like this..

Rick Torn: you are a being of flaw..so is the book.

Rick Torn: Ignore it.

Para: And I do ignore the book.

Para: Thank you for vindicating it.

Rick Torn: sure thing.

Para: So, what was your point again?

Rick Torn: huh? gee I forgot.

Para: I tend to do that to people.

Rick Torn: No problem.

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