#10427: Holmes -> davepoobond

Holmes: ….yeah

Holmes: hey

davepoobond: hi

Holmes: sup

davepoobond: not much, you

Holmes: not much, you

davepoobond: not much you

Holmes: not much you

davepoobond: much you not

Holmes: pot hunch poo

davepoobond: actually what i said about that insane midget guy

davepoobond: i’m not sure if it is anymore

Holmes: ….

davepoobond: if he is blowthetoad

Holmes: i forgot?

Holmes: oh

Holmes: i haven’t talked with him in a while

Holmes: is he disappeared?

davepoobond: he lost interest in you

davepoobond: i suppose

davepoobond: not me though

davepoobond: i’m mysterious, and suave

davepoobond: and all the ladies wanna get with me

Holmes: i’m 40 and still live with my mom and still get pimples and i am republican….whats wrong with me

davepoobond: everything

davepoobond: especially that republican part

davepoobond: brb gotta crap

Holmes: oh ok…

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