#10410: vietnamese duck -> davepoobond

Right after #10409, some guy that I think is the same as ZizuKhu says IMs me…

vietnamese duck: howdy fucker

davepoobond: i’m not a duck fucker

davepoobond: sooooooooooooo hi

vietnamese duck: you wish you were

vietnamese duck: pot

vietnamese duck: soooooooo high

vietnamese duck: TAT

vietnamese duck: fuckin loser


davepoobond: ur the loser

davepoobond: fag

davepoobond: look at u

davepoobond: in ur robe

davepoobond: probably hittin ur sack

davepoobond: “hey mom look at me i can swing my nuts over my head”

davepoobond: thats you

davepoobond: all day

davepoobond: at school too

vietnamese duck: so you think im a guy then

vietnamese duck: lmao

davepoobond: “hey teach! look at me swing my nuts over my head”

vietnamese duck: fucker

davepoobond: yeah well same thing

vietnamese duck: no

vietnamese duck: i know who this is

davepoobond: i bet ur a girl with nuts hanging out of her vagina

davepoobond: vaginnnaaa

davepoobond: you know who what is

vietnamese duck: im not a dumbshit

davepoobond: …….pfff HAHAHA

vietnamese duck: “im pissed off dont make me sign off oh ok bye” then you just block

davepoobond: thats funny. tell me more silly stories

davepoobond: hrmm?

vietnamese duck: HRMM

davepoobond: why would i block

vietnamese duck: cause thats the sound i make when i throw up

davepoobond: or when someones screwing ur mom up the ass

davepoobond: cuz u like to watch

vietnamese duck: yes

vietnamese duck: i do

vietnamese duck: and i like to shove the black dildo 2000 up their ass

davepoobond: haha

Previous message was not received by vietnamese duck because of error: User vietnamese duck is not available.

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