#10365: davepoobond -> elmoisfurry

davepoobond: having fun at ur carnival while ur sitting at home

elmoisfurry: yes

elmoisfurry: we didnt go hehe, but going to a movie sometime hehe

davepoobond: hehe ur gay hehe

elmoisfurry: hehe suck my balls hehe hehe hehe fuck you hehe

davepoobond: hehe eat some haggis in a can hehe

elmoisfurry: hehe thats for special occaisions you stupid fucking wop hehe

elmoisfurry: have fun at marks land of gayness?

davepoobond: i didnt go

elmoisfurry: good job jackass

davepoobond: good job ur ass

elmoisfurry: good job, your mom

davepoobond: yeah give your mom a good job

elmoisfurry: i gave your mom a good job on my break while you were buying the chips

davepoobond: u dissin those chips?

elmoisfurry: yes

davepoobond: ur such a bastard, i sweer

elmoisfurry: i swear your a fuckin wop

davepoobond: wop ur mom

davepoobond: take on me. take meeee onnnnn

davepoobond: I’LL BE GONNNEEE

elmoisfurry: taaaaaake ooooon meeeeee

elmoisfurry: taaake yourrrrr moooooom

davepoobond: is it better to be safe than sorry?

davepoobond: take on meee

davepoobond: take on me!

davepoobond: take me onnnnnnn!

davepoobond: take on me!

davepoobond: i’ll be gonnneee!


He signs off.

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