#10357: davepoobond -> elmoisfurry

davepoobond: tell me some songs to download

elmoisfurry: bong sniffer by the fuckin cack’s

davepoobond: wat the fak

elmoisfurry: eat mah biznatch!

davepoobond: man crazytown – butterfly has such a good bass

elmoisfurry: man, your mom has such a good…well i wont get into that i guess

davepoobond: what what? what was that?

davepoobond: i’m gonna shoot an apple off ur head next time i see you

davepoobond: you have disgraced the family

elmoisfurry: blah blah

elmoisfurry: quiet johnny appleseed

davepoobond: if i flooded out your house, do you think you’d make it out or would you burn up as the water filled your lungs?

elmoisfurry: if i stomped on you face, would blood or tears fall out?

elmoisfurry: 8 questions down, 79 to go, boo yea grandma bacon!

elmoisfurry: oh yea, that foshee never came on friday, muahaha

davepoobond: ?

davepoobond: she wasn’t supposed to

elmoisfurry: she said she would you ass

davepoobond: no..

elmoisfurry: hey guess what? fo all that 14 question stuff, its supah skanky

elmoisfurry: yes she said so you poop, she said she would go that night, thursday, and friday, but not sat. or sun. cause she had some foshee shite to do

davepoobond: wuteverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

davepoobond: she never said anything of the sort

elmoisfurry: your mommmmmmm

elmoisfurry: yes she did

elmoisfurry: of the sort

davepoobond: ur mom pry said it to u and u got it mixed up

davepoobond: “i’m comin over (to your bed) on friday”

elmoisfurry: non, cause she doesnt look like a fo’d up bleached hair biatch, not anymore i mean

elmoisfurry: “im comin over(your mom) on friday”

davepoobond: well last time i saw ur mom she was a bleached hair biatch…

elmoisfurry: i said not anymore you fogin sloot

davepoobond: ya ya

davepoobond: tell me more swedish stories

elmoisfurry: i will when your old enough you flaming faggot

elmoisfurry: you know what is stupid? the keyboards on laptops, they are so small and stupid and suck shite on a cracker

davepoobond: they feel like crackers too

davepoobond: i mean, i wouldnt even be suprised to see a guy pick up a laptop and try to eat it

elmoisfurry: yea, like sweet ass crackers

davepoobond: i mean, they’re so black and yummy looking

elmoisfurry: i would you crazy funk

davepoobond: ya crackers for the crackas

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