#10350: elmoisfurry -> davepoobond

elmoisfurry: how do you make a new sn? lol

davepoobond: idiot..

elmoisfurry: shaddup

davepoobond: how could u forget

elmoisfurry: upgraded hehe, had to close

davepoobond: o…k…

elmoisfurry: soooo…yeya im outies bro bro dog schaafsma squackle bitche

davepoobond: wtf?

elmoisfurry: blah, no i dont remember you slut, now im gonna take sam for a freaking walk!!!!!!!1

elmoisfurry: have fun, bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: at 7:07?

davepoobond: isnt it kinda LATE

elmoisfurry: umm…yes! when else would i do it? 704?! muahahah you idiot…

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