#10336: SkatDvss -> davepoobond

SkatDvss: hey

davepoobond: hi

SkatDvss: watsup

davepoobond: nothing much

SkatDvss: nothin

davepoobond: thats right

SkatDvss: im goin to go to a UCLA football game

davepoobond: wow thats great

SkatDvss: im bored

davepoobond: ok

SkatDvss: u are u bored

davepoobond: i guess

SkatDvss: where are u

davepoobond: at home

SkatDvss: cool

SkatDvss: when are u goin to ur dads

davepoobond: next weekend

SkatDvss: k come over then

SkatDvss: my sis wants to meet urs

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: not today….

davepoobond: next weekend

SkatDvss: ya not this week

SkatDvss: next week

davepoobond: i dont know if we will or not

SkatDvss: wat school do go to

davepoobond: why do you care

davepoobond: i dont go to your school

SkatDvss: wat school

davepoobond: lc high school

SkatDvss: ive hered of it

davepoobond: from me probably

SkatDvss: now from a freshmen

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