#10329: davepoobond -> Izumo Etsuko

davepoobond: singinnnn in the rain! i’m singinnn in the raiinn!!

AziShadow: ………………………..

AziShadow: right……..

davepoobond: i saw that whole movie today

AziShadow: maybe……..get some lessons?

AziShadow: really?

AziShadow: why?

davepoobond: cuz

davepoobond: for school

davepoobond: it was really dumb

AziShadow: okay

AziShadow: i figured

davepoobond: everyone was really annoying

davepoobond: and Gene Kelly danced up a storm

AziShadow: Thats whay he was famous for i thought

davepoobond: but it was still boring

AziShadow: aye

davepoobond: there were jokes that werent even funny

AziShadow: Like “the fence is white!”

davepoobond: and the things that were meant to be serious were funny

AziShadow: old movies are like that

davepoobond: no, like “remind me to give you a raise!” “hey R.F.” “what?” “give me a raise”

AziShadow: that was serious?

davepoobond: no, that was a joke

davepoobond: the serious stuff, like if they were kissing

AziShadow: it was kinda funny

AziShadow: nothing to get excited about though

davepoobond: musicals are really stupid in general, they just all of a sudden start singing

davepoobond: and just imagining it to actually be real, to just see people doing that out of spite and for no apparent reason is just hilarious

davepoobond: “today’s my lucky day! March 23!”

davepoobond: “its not march 23!”

AziShadow: Walking down the street, and then just random burst out into song doing these gay dance steps!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: “what? what are you talking about?”

davepoobond: “its 1:30 in the morning! its march 24th! march 24th is your lucky day!”

AziShadow: Like Westside story?

davepoobond: “good MORNINGGGG.”

AziShadow: lol

AziShadow: enough

davepoobond: “GOOD morrrrninngg!”

davepoobond: “good morning!”

AziShadow: have you ever seen Westside Story?

davepoobond: no, i read it though =P

AziShadow: that must have been worse

davepoobond: oh u aint shittin me

davepoobond: i was almost going to sleep everytime i read that stupid book

AziShadow: in the movie, they run around in tight pants ((the guys)), singing gay happy/1970 rough songs while snapping fingers, stealing basketballs, and buckinga the latino population

davepoobond: its kinda like grease in a way

AziShadow: its even worse

AziShadow: when one of the guys gets killed, its the cartoon, get stabbed, hold stop, and then fall backwards all dramatic

AziShadow: stop = wound*

AziShadow: the only thing that made it that bad was the finger snapping shit

AziShadow: they where always snapping away with that shit

davepoobond: heh

AziShadow: we

davepoobond: lol

AziShadow: we’re* thinking……………::snap snap snap::…………….::snapp snap snap:: Theres the mexicans!!! ::snap snap buck::

davepoobond: haha

AziShadow: its mighty gay

davepoobond: sure sounds like it

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