#10307: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: dave

davepoobond: yeah

stimpyismyname: yep

stimpyismyname: hows life

davepoobond: alright….

stimpyismyname: get any games for your computer

stimpyismyname: i mean actual games

stimpyismyname: ya know

stimpyismyname: ones you buy

davepoobond: no, nothing new

davepoobond: just the ones in my pack

stimpyismyname: like what

davepoobond: command and conquer, red alert, warzone 2100

davepoobond: kknd 2

davepoobond: starcraft

stimpyismyname: o

stimpyismyname: i thought u meant the computer came with a pck…

davepoobond: no

stimpyismyname: 8-)pack

stimpyismyname: :-):-(:-*=-O8-)>:o:-*:-P;-):-*=-O;-):-(:-P;-)

davepoobond: great




















stimpyismyname: wow

davepoobond: that musta tooken u a while

stimpyismyname: amazin

stimpyismyname: nope

stimpyismyname: 2 sec

davepoobond: =-O

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