#10266: I.F. -> SexyKarla17

I.F.: You ready yet? Im bearing to go!

SexyKarla17: Yhea im slipping out of my clothes right now, what do you look like?

I.F.: a Kodiac bear

SexyKarla17: ?

I.F.: Im soft naked, fuzzy and waiting for you to come mount me

SexyKarla17: Oh I love cute fuzzy bears, I walk up and get on top of you stroking your soft hair, kissing you gently as my move my way down your stomach

I.F.: I growl to warm you my cubs are near

SexyKarla17: huh?

I.F.: Bears get fuckin pumped when anyone is near their cubs

SexyKarla17: yhea hehe dont be silly..

SexyKarla17: I love how you growl as I continue to kiss you, while taking off your pants.

I.F.: Bears dont wear pants and you should cover yourself in Honey now

SexyKarla17: hehe you would love to lick that off me huh. I pour honey all over my warm wet body waiting for you to start licking it off me slowly

I.F.: I sniff the air to see where the sweet scent of the honey is coming from, while slowly snorting and walking towards you

I.F.: I Growl again, and start to bite you

SexyKarla17: Yhea that feels good..ooooo…not too hard now

I.F.: I bite harder peeling flesh from your stomach, and look up into your eyes to show you my mouth dripping with your warm blood mixed with honey, I then I let my cubs rip apart your limbs and play with you like a ragdoll.

SexyKarla17: what the fuck?

I.F.: uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh and im spent.

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