suox – n. a song that you have in your library that was labeled as a different artist than it actually is and you were unaware that it was an incorrect artist, so when someone tells you the song is actually by a different artist you are surprised.

Ex. My copy of Carry On My Wayward Son was a suox — it was always labeled as being by Boston until I learned it was actually Kansas in an embarrassing fashion!



retrosublimislushification – n. a law of physics in which air instantly turns into sugary neutral-taste slushy.  It does not pass through the water stage.

The process can only be initiated when a static sign stating “slushy will be ready in 20 minutes” is on an empty slushy machine.  If it has not yet happened, the sign will still read 20 minutes, so you should come back in 20 minutes and check again.  Repeat until it happens, otherwise it doesn’t happen.