Bad Submission #23922

Submitted as an Anti-Barney the Dinosaur song.

This form was submitted: Jun 05 2004 / 17:46:18

name = dead barney
email =
use_email = no
song = you fucked me

You fucked me I Fuck your wife
Lets forgert this and killlllllll barneyyyyyyyyy
With 1000000000000000000 knifes up his A#@ The dick got cut off


Anti-Barney the Dinosaur Song #23921

Why does barney think he’s the king?

Let’s all poke him with long, sharp pins

We all hate the sad song he sings

Fry him in the microwave at 100 degrees

And wait until we hear the ‘ping’

ok as u can probaly tell im running out of things that ryhme…