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Sunday 06/04/2006 11:01:23am
Name: Kamryn Ilana
I like to Looks like a beautiful facility, I know how rough it can be starting from scratch. I have done it twice in my life and if I ever do it again it will be for my own use only, not the publics, but for now it helps to pay the bills.
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Sunday 05/14/2006 7:33:05am
Name: Julie Chestworth
Homepage: http://www.fullbodyshave.com
E-Mail: admin@fullbodyshave.com
I like to shave people so they get it down right
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Comments: What a fantastic site.So educational.I will try to do the same as a beauty therapist with my site www.fullbodyshave.com to educate people.Humour is missing in today’s society. People are too serious Well done. Julie

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Thursday 04/20/2006 11:25:36am
E-Mail: culless_theplaya6969
I like to get my ass pounded by my big hairy man. we are obviously gay and are not afraid to show our feelings, even if that means sometimes getting down on all fours in the middle of a store and giving it to eachother like we will never do it again,then so be it, nothing beats getting your shit pounded back in…..ohhhhh ilove it!!!!!!
sign off…buttfucker
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Comments: i think this website sux cause n*ggers have big purple dicks, that is sexy

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Sunday 02/26/2006 2:59:36pm
Name: joe
E-Mail: joelevi1@gmail.com
I like to
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Comments: the racist section is only for sick people. Even those who claim “not” to be racist but laugh at the jokes. I hope you understand how sad i feel and how serious these jokes may become

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Saturday 02/25/2006 6:21:19pm
Name: Sir_
Homepage: http://en.goatbean.com
I like to k
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Comments: Wicked movies on video.google.com . I came here a long time ago once through some game called Wally Land Of The Wallows, forgot how funny some of it was. Go go random. >:(