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Sunday 08/27/2006 9:12:45pm
Name: Naomi
Homepage: http://htmlgear.tripod.com/guest/control.guest?a=sign&u=davepoobond&i=1&r=
E-Mail: Naomi@aol.com
I like to find the person who created this retarded site, and kick him square in the ass!
I like Squackle!: No
Comments: This is the worst site I have ever been to on the net. Who drew those elementary lame ass pictures? Very stupid! The jokes were old and lame. This site sucks major butthole!

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Thursday 04/20/2006 11:25:36am
E-Mail: culless_theplaya6969
I like to get my ass pounded by my big hairy man. we are obviously gay and are not afraid to show our feelings, even if that means sometimes getting down on all fours in the middle of a store and giving it to eachother like we will never do it again,then so be it, nothing beats getting your shit pounded back in…..ohhhhh ilove it!!!!!!
sign off…buttfucker
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Comments: i think this website sux cause n*ggers have big purple dicks, that is sexy

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Sunday 02/26/2006 2:59:36pm
Name: joe
E-Mail: joelevi1@gmail.com
I like to
I like Squackle!: No
Comments: the racist section is only for sick people. Even those who claim “not” to be racist but laugh at the jokes. I hope you understand how sad i feel and how serious these jokes may become

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Saturday 10/23/2004 9:19:15pm
Name: stan
Homepage: http://stan
E-Mail: stan
I like to stan
I like Squackle!: No
Comments: I would just like everyone to know that davepoobond has a breast disorder and is dieing. so lets all do him a favor and pray for him to die as soon as possible so we dont have to suffer him putting more stuff on this shitty site.

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Sunday 07/04/2004 5:09:58am
Name: SPaTS Marauder
Homepage: http://www.roflmao.co.nr
E-Mail: darunia@cytanet.com.cy
I like to I like you people to go to www.roflmao.co.nr aswell
I like Squackle!: No
Comments: I like you people to go to www.roflmao.co.nr aswell jokes that make you laugh