#5987: stimpyismyname -> Para

stimpyismyname: HI, IT’S davepoobond

stimpyismyname: HOW ARE YOU

stimpyismyname: …?

Para: Hi

Para: Sure.

Para: I doubt you are.

stimpyismyname: sure, sure…

stimpyismyname: sO hOw AbOuT tHeM DoDgErs?

Para: …

stimpyismyname: b

stimpyismyname: i

stimpyismyname: n

stimpyismyname: g

stimpyismyname: o

stimpyismyname: and bingo was his name

stimpyismyname: o

stimpyismyname: there was a farmer, had a dog

stimpyismyname: geez im stoned

stimpyismyname: not really…

stimpyismyname: just pumped on heroin

stimpyismyname: so, u wanna tell me why you IMed me?

stimpyismyname: cause ur really friggin annoyin

stimpyismyname: hi, im davepoobond!

stimpyismyname: news at ten

stimpyismyname: OR LATER

stimpyismyname: hmm hmm hmm

stimpyismyname: booyaka

stimpyismyname: wHy DoNt YoU tAlK tO mE (davepoobond), pArA?

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