#5988: Berrybud -> stimpyismyname

Berrybud: hey who is this

stimpyismyname: ?

Berrybud: hello

stimpyismyname: yeah… ok….

Berrybud: just tell me who you are

stimpyismyname: leave me alone

Berrybud: y

stimpyismyname: BLAH

Berrybud: w/e ou were on my b list so i thought i woukd im you but nm

stimpyismyname: …what?

Berrybud: never mined

stimpyismyname: uh huh

Berrybud: i feel stupid when i talk to you

stimpyismyname: so what new with you

stimpyismyname: ?

Berrybud: not telling

stimpyismyname: oooh

stimpyismyname: secrets!

Berrybud: you hate secrets

stimpyismyname: i like secrets

stimpyismyname: …blackmail too…

Berrybud: o realoly ne on me

stimpyismyname: say something stupid

stimpyismyname: right now

Berrybud: piggily wiggily

stimpyismyname: ha

stimpyismyname: ur stupid

Berrybud: i hate u

stimpyismyname: hahaha

Berrybud: do you go to my school

stimpyismyname: probly not

Berrybud: what are yoyr school colors

stimpyismyname: pink

stimpyismyname: and polka dots

Berrybud: i hate u you wont tell me who you are

stimpyismyname: 🙂

Berrybud: thats not funny i swear

stimpyismyname: 😀

Berrybud: i really hate you now do you know me at all tho really

stimpyismyname: lets practice on trying to make sense

Berrybud: grr do you know me at all

stimpyismyname: okay iS tht wath u

stimpyismyname: ?

Berrybud: i dunno

stimpyismyname: 😛

Berrybud: lol nnott

stimpyismyname: dum dum dum

stimpyismyname: hello?

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