#5951: Melissag -> Mugen Guy

Melissag: hi

Mugen Guy: hi

Melissag: hi

Mugen Guy: howz it goin whats the good word?

Melissag: who is this

Mugen Guy: this is mugen

Melissag: huh?

Mugen Guy: my name is mugen

Mugen Guy: whats your name

Melissag: how do you pronounce that

Melissag: missy

Mugen Guy: muugin

Melissag: what ethnicity are you? i dont mean to offend you by that question..sorry if i do..i just have never heard that name before

Mugen Guy: german mexican

Melissag: so is your name german or mexican?

Mugen Guy: neither my dad likes honda a lot so he named me after a honda tuner[

Melissag: lol cute cute

Melissag: do you skate?

Mugen Guy: thanks hehe

Mugen Guy: no but i wear the shoes

Melissag: haha

Melissag: that doesnt count buddy

Melissag: i just thought that since roller was in your sn that you did

Melissag: but its all good

Mugen Guy: naw this my friends s/n

Mugen Guy: my screen name is circuitsi

Melissag: oh

Melissag: so are you two just bored?

Mugen Guy: no i like talking to new people cause people dont find me attractice so they dont talkto me

Mugen Guy: have you ever seen goonies?

Melissag: haha random

Mugen Guy: random what?

Mugen Guy: ?

Mugen Guy: ?

Melissag: that question

Mugen Guy: no

Mugen Guy: i look like the guy from goonies

Mugen Guy: “hey you guys”

Melissag: oh

Melissag: oh i havent seen that movie

Mugen Guy: oh well hes ugly

Mugen Guy: jk

Melissag: whatever

Mugen Guy: do you have a picture

Melissag: you probablyarent as ugly as you say or think you are

Melissag: yeah

Mugen Guy: will you send your pic to me a volksi@aol.com

Melissag: sorry i dont out my picture to people i dont know

Mugen Guy: oh well you want my pic first?

Melissag: if you want to send it to me its your choice

Melissag: i wont stop you

Mugen Guy: will you send yours if i send mine first

Melissag: geeze…either send me your picture or dont

Melissag: either way i wont lose sleep over this

Mugen Guy: hey there is no need to get all upset…are you on your period?

Melissag: hey are you lame?

Mugen Guy: no but i like limes

Mugen Guy: im sorry i think im schizophrenic

Mugen Guy: i have multiple personalities im a 5150

Melissag: uhhh ok..well it was nice talking to you

Mugen Guy: i took acid like 8 times and im legally insane

Mugen Guy: have a stupendous evening

Melissag: bye

Mugen Guy: why are you leaving

Mugen Guy: whats up howz it goin

Melissag: cuz you are lame

Melissag: i dont talk to randoms

Mugen Guy: what are randoms

Melissag: you

Mugen Guy: what am i though

Mugen Guy: im a carbon breathing human just like you

Mugen Guy: does that mean you are a random

Melissag: youre some random i dont even know….and you are weird

Mugen Guy: if im a random and i breath air does that make you a random too cause you breath air dont you

Melissag: ok stop talking

Mugen Guy: ok but can i still type cause im not using my mouth just my fingers

Mugen Guy: you gotta be specific

Mugen Guy: have you ever seen that one movie with jean claude van damme

Mugen Guy: bloodsport

Melissag: omg shut up

Mugen Guy: where he goes son of a bitch …..is that good enough guys

Mugen Guy: is it possible to shut up…or can i shut down will that work too

Mugen Guy: ?

Mugen Guy: thats rude your not supposed to ignore people

Mugen Guy: didnt the pack of wolves that raised you teach you any manners?

Mugen Guy: oh sorry wrong im

Mugen Guy: please dont go …you konow like that song by john secada

Mugen Guy: cmon if you dont talk to my im gonna commit suicide well john my other half is but ill still be here

Mugen Guy: i guess i came on too strong ay well take care now byebye then

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