#5928: Holmes -> LechuZaAa / Axiom -> Holmes / LKNIGHT -> Holmes

These people never heard of the Berenstein Bears…so it’s not as funny as it could have been if they did know…these three are either the same person, or they’re all friends…


Holmes: Hello

LechuZaAa: ………..?

Holmes: I said…Hello…don’t act like you didn’t hear me

LechuZaAa: uh huh who r u

Holmes: I am from the BB family organization, they have instructed me that you have not payed there protection dues

LechuZaAa: hah or not

LechuZaAa: good bye

Holmes: wait

Holmes: This is johnny right?

LechuZaAa: noooooooooo

Holmes: damnit

Holmes: the BB is gonna kill me, i gotta find johnny!

LechuZaAa: yeap, you do that

Holmes: can you help? do you know a johnny?

LechuZaAa: no

Holmes: i’m dead….I’M DEAD! help me please!!! hide me!

LechuZaAa: right

LechuZaAa: uh huh

Holmes: i gotta find johnny before the BB finds me…

Holmes: there watching…every move i make,…

Holmes: as son as they find me i’ll be sleeping with the fishes

Holmes: and you don’t care?

LechuZaAa: why should i…… lol…… i don’t know you

Holmes: i see how it is…

Holmes: oh what a cruel world we live in

LechuZaAa: mhmmm

Holmes: the berenstein bear mafia is very deadly, have you heard of them?

LechuZaAa: no

Holmes: oh…

LechuZaAa: lol

Holmes: it’s not a laughing matter, man!

Holmes: my life is at stake

LechuZaAa: okay

Holmes: ok…what would you do if a mafia was after you?

LechuZaAa: sit there…….

Holmes: hmm good idea…then?

LechuZaAa: sleep

Holmes: …

LechuZaAa: so, would you like to tell me who you really are?

Holmes: hmm

Holmes: not really

LechuZaAa: uh huh

LechuZaAa: okay

LechuZaAa: good luck with that “bb” thing

LechuZaAa: bye

Holmes: thanks

Holmes: i’ll die happy…bye


Axiom: sleep, it’ll make the mafia’s hunt easier

Holmes: i bet it will

Axiom: have fun

Holmes: oh i will have fun at dieing

Axiom: so who is this

Holmes: dieing is always fun

Holmes: a person

Axiom: good answer

Holmes: so vague…

Holmes: but so true…

Axiom: just some random guy

Holmes: yeah


LKNIGHT: are you alright?

Holmes: am i alright? of course

Holmes: are you alright?

LKNIGHT: that’s good.


Holmes: thats good…were both alright

LKNIGHT: so, who are you , might i ask


Holmes: i’m just a person

LKNIGHT: my friend told me to say hi

LKNIGHT: so i did

Holmes: hmm


Holmes: anyways

Holmes: do you know the BB family organization?

LKNIGHT: no..should i? if so, enlighten me.

Holmes: the berenstein bear mafia, there…like…deadly

LKNIGHT: nice…

LKNIGHT: where did you find out about this?

Holmes: eh it’s not a big secret

LKNIGHT: well, no big surprise, i’m always the last to find out about things

LKNIGHT: so, who are you…

Holmes: some random guy

LKNIGHT: really… not that random

Holmes: very random

Holmes: i found your friend on member directory

Holmes: i was bored what can i say

LKNIGHT: i doubt that you are more random than me, but…

LKNIGHT: my friend… krispy?

Holmes: yeah

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