#5927: Holmes -> Katerina Asigiri

Holmes: Hi, I am a spokesperson for the DANO (Drug Abusing Necrophilliac Organization). We would like your support for our organization by letting us know if you have any Drug Using Necrophilliacs that need help and/or support.

Holmes: Take for example a member of our group known as Dan M. After several beverages, he would sneak into the nearest morgue and proceed doing the unnecesary to a dead body. But now Dan M. is fully restored and is now married to a lovely wife, and has 4 children.

Katerina Asigiri: You can leave me alone now.

Holmes: Sorry to have disturbed you but do you know any Drug Abusing Necrophilliacs?

Katerina Asigiri: NO Now go away!

Holmes: Do you know anyone who is secretly a Drug Abusing Necrophilliac?

Holmes: Or any friends who know of a Drug Abusing Necrophilliac? Your support is greatly appreciated.

Katerina Asigiri: Do you get paid to be stupidly annoying?

Holmes: Yes, infact I do.

Katerina Asigiri: Just making sure.

Holmes: I have only come asking for support and you shut me down with such negativity

Katerina Asigiri: I’m paid to do that.

Holmes: Can you at least…whats the word those young folk use all the time…?

Holmes: “chat”?

Katerina Asigiri: If you don’t bring up the supporting of something.. or whatever it was..

Holmes: Alright, my work will be excluded from the conversation…

Holmes: …so…yeah…

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