#5926: Holmes -> FireRaze

Holmes: it’s time for the talk…the birds and the theorys…

FireRaze: ((brb))

Holmes: ((k))

Holmes: we could go into the birds and the bee’s but for right now we’ll just do the birds and the

Holmes: theorys…

FireRaze: ((back))

Holmes: a “bird” is a crazy person and a theory is an idea…see when a “bird” loves a theory, they

FireRaze: Bees?

Holmes: ((wb))

FireRaze: Ah just get on wit it

FireRaze: ((::lagging really really bad::))

Holmes: have to prove there love…

Holmes: ((ugh i hate lag))

Holmes: so the bird proposes to the theory and they get married and have lotsa crazy theories

Holmes: together and they live happily and crazily ever after

FireRaze: ahhhhhhh

FireRaze: ::is very confused but doesnt show it::

Holmes: don’t worry, you’ll grow up to be just like me…

FireRaze: ::drops over,fainting::

Holmes: …dangit that ALWAYS happens…

Holmes: ::grabs a bucket of worms and tosses it onto him::

Holmes: ::looks back at the bucket of water he was suppose to throw on him and realizes he made a

Holmes: mistake::

FireRaze: Gah!::holds his hands out and blasts the worms::

Holmes: gee how did…those get there,…

Holmes: heh…heh…

SuperMike: ((what do u do here>is it a supermarket?)

Holmes: ::looks around nervously::

Holmes: ((yes))

Fire: I wont be like you,your not Saiyajin

Holmes: true…

Fire: :swings his tail around::

Holmes: did i ever tell you about the little engine that could story?

Fire: ::shakes his head no::

Holmes: there once was a little engine that could and he was chugging through the forest and even

Holmes: chugging in the bar…

Holmes: well anyways he once needed to climb up a hill

Holmes: but he was on the paxil pill that prevents you from having social anxiety disorder

Holmes: and that made him dizzy considering he was drinking alcohol and taking medicine and drugs are BAD

Holmes: and he was all weary about life and the engineer was like: “You Mother Fuckin engine, move

Holmes: your lazy ass over that hill or i’m going to Pawn you at the pawn shop!” and the engine was

Holmes: like: “Whatever dumbass” and so he tried to pull himself up that hill

Holmes: but he just couldn’t do it…

Holmes: he kept saying I think I can I think I can but STILL no, until the constructor told him that

Holmes: there was alcohol on the top of the hill, thats when the engine ZOOMED up the hill…

Holmes: so remeber, when your down in the dumps, just think of alcohol…oh yeah and don’t do drugs

Holmes: the end

Holmes: did you learn your lesson little boy?

FireRaze: ::had got his gameboy out in the meantime and started playing pokemon::

FireRaze: huh?what were you saying?

Holmes: what is this Pokemon? sounds like a Gay jamacan porno movie…

Holmes: never mind…

FireRaze: jamacan?

Holmes: you know, those guys who talk all funny and say Mon a lot

Holmes: like Yo Mon or chill out mon

Holmes: or even Poke a mon…

FireRaze: oh……..uh…..Ive only been to chikyuu-sei a couple times

Holmes: when i was your age i had to walk 15 miles to china and then walk back

Holmes: while these days you just get to go places

FireRaze: Yeah,I can just shunken-eido

Holmes: don’t talk to me in that lingo boy, i don’t want you talkin about my momma

FireRaze: I can talk about your momma all I want to

Holmes: well you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to spank you with cheese

FireRaze: Ill lay the smackdown on you!

Holmes: you young whipper snapper you wouldn’t touch an elderly citizen

FireRaze: Wanna bet,and Ill do it in my Oozaru form so I cant control mysef

Holmes: your lucky i don’t have my fighting teeth and legs on, or i would get elderly on your ass

FireRaze: ((how old is he?))

Holmes: ((18 he’s just being idiotic))

Holmes: so sonny did i ever tell you about how i had to walk 15 miles to my bathroom

FireRaze: No!!!!

FireRaze: erck….no

Holmes: well see this one time…

Holmes: i really had to go and dad was like piss in your pants cause we don’t have enough water to

Holmes: flush the toilet

Holmes: infact the toilet was our bathtub, computer and our lunch table

Holmes: the end

Holmes: did you learn a lesson from that story, sonny?

FireRaze: Never eat,pee,and type in your toilet

Holmes: hey just because you got all this high tech mumbo jumbo doesn’t mean you can’t use the old

Holmes: way of doing things

Holmes: my toilet is my computer, wanna se?

FireRaze: ((Ok,I might get kicked off,and I wont be coming back,so hope my printer works))

FireRaze: No,not really

FireRaze: ((wish me luck!))

Holmes: ((luck))

FireRaze: ((good luck!))

Holmes: ((good luck!))

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