#5922: Squall -> Holmes

Squall: shirlock holmes

Holmes: if i was really sherlock holmes i’d atleast know how to spell my name, dummy

Squall: well you know the e and the i are right across from each other?

Holmes: good for the E and the I, want me to throw a party for them?

Squall: umm no i think theve had enough exitment for one night i think

Holmes: wimps….

Holmes: i think there stupid

Squall: umm are you ok or just not

Holmes: i’m crazy, jeeze can’t you tell?

Squall: my grandma is half iridh and my grandpa is half lesbian that makes me quarter lesbian

Squall: irish*

Holmes: wow thanks for the info, incase i’m ever on jepardy and they ask: This person is a quarter Lesbian, I’ll proudly say: Who is Squall?

Squall: that would be me in a tree or would that be in a nut shell

Holmes: be me tree be rhyme

Squall: ohh well who let you out of the zoo

Holmes: the Lions, they said i was getting too annoying and they booted me out. They also said I lived like an animal and I didn’t clean after myself

Squall: }:)

Squall: and yes that is a unibrow i think or a giant stye in my eye

Holmes: wow thats so cool

Holmes: Not i’mm cooler then you and no it isn’t true

Squall: so actually im cooler than you

Squall: i feel contagious

Holmes: no see i’m 10% Ghetto, 20% Eminem, 30% Crazy, 15% Cheese Stick, 5% Lesbian Trapped in a mans body and 25% FREA-KAY

Holmes: wait thats a 105

Squall: cant you count you egotistical freak with 9 fingers

Holmes: yeah i can count, 1 2 3…3….3……..3….uh umm….3 2 1 there i counted…

Squall: ohh really i dont consider that counting but whater your mom wants to teach you is ok with me

Holmes: i’ll wrestle you

Squall: ill embestle you

Holmes: i’ll make you brush your teeth with crest….le…

Squall: le ?? is that like bruce cause if so i might need some super strength juice

Squall: well i gtg

Squall: joe shmoe

Holmes: don’t let the cyber door cyberly bonk your cyber ass on the cyber way out, cyberly

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