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Joke #5301

A blonde walks into an appliance store, looks around, points and tells the shopkeeper, “Sir, I’d like the TV on the 3rd shelf.”

The shopkeeper looks at her, and says , “I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t serve blondes. Please leave.”

The blonde was very angry, so she went home, dyed her hair brown , and returned the next day. She asked the shopkeeper, “How much is the tv on the 3rd shelf?”

The shopkeeper looked at her, sighed, and said, “Look ma’am, we don’t serve blondes! Please leave.”

By this time, the girl was infuriated. So she went home, shaved her head, and came back the next day. She asked the shopkeeper about the TV, and he told her, “Ma’am. I’ve told you. We don’t serve blondes, so you’ll have to leave.”

The blonde, in a rage, demanded, “How could you tell I am a blonde???”

The shopkeeper looked at her, shook his head, and said, “Because that’s not a TV… It’s a microwave.”