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Fun Tournament (PC) Review

Developer: CAGames

  Fun Tournament (PC) (773.6 KiB, 979 hits)

Game by CAGames, made with Game Maker.


A platform shooter…that is pretty bad…


The graphics are actually the strong point, and only I might add, about this game. I actually like how the “level” things appeared out of blocks flying out of nowhere. But the sprites were all ripped from another game, the blocks are nothing more than blocks, and the gnarly background makes you want to have a seizure, though you really can’t…so it’s pretty bad.


The shotgun noise is annoying, the music is from Mario Kart, which is even more annoying, because if I wanted to hear this song I’d play Mario Kart instead of this, and I don’t like Mario Kart or that song, so….its all bad. bad bad bad bad!


The gameplay is simple enough, but is equally stupid as this game. What do I care about blowing the shit out of some stupid puff things? I couldn’t get the “multiplayer” mode to work at all.

Crappiest Part:

Umm….there’s so many crappy parts…probably the reason why you’re shooting puff things that go back and forth along the same path for no reason except to be shot full of lead. You never die. There’s no game over screen, there’s no point to having points either, because you just keep losing 20 points when you die, and when you have no points, you’d think you’re screwed then, but no you go into NEGATIVE points. How is it possible to have negative points? Its beyond me…

Overall Score:

The title of this game is deceiving. It says its “Fun Tournemnt” but there IS no fun, and there is no REAL tournament about it. I give it a:


  Fun Tournament (PC) (773.6 KiB, 979 hits)

Game by CAGames, made with Game Maker.