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Interested in a low-cost solution to your production problems? Hire davepoobond of Squackle!

I’ve got lots of experience doing different sorts of production, advertising, writing, and web site stuff. I’ve listed everything I’m confident in actually providing a service for below, but if you’ve got something else in mind, shoot me an e-mail at .

All estimates are free for any business proposal, and payment method will be discussed once there is an agreement in place. It IS possible that I may not ask for monetary payment if there is a benefit to be had by working with you. It’s probably also worth it to say that if a project requires manpower, I do know other people that can work with me to help achieve your goals.

Video Editing

If you’ve got video and you want to make it all come together, I offer cheap video editing services. I’m a college graduate with very good technical editing skills and can help you with any video project you might need someone to edit.

If you are making a film, all I require is the video (MiniDV/DVD/hard drive) and any other information that would help in the process, like a script if that is applicable.

I’ll work with you to create the video product you want, whether it be for private-use (such as a video for your friends and family), business-use, or just something for fun that you want to see come together but don’t know how to edit video.

E-mail me with information about your project, and I can formulate a quote based on how long I predict it will take, and how technical you actually want it to be.

Voice Acting (Voice Overs)

Not everyone has a voice made to listen to — if you need someone to do a voice over for your video, film, or animated production, such as character voice overs or narration, I can lend my voice to your cause.

I tend to find my voice more acceptable for comedic purposes, but I’m open to taking more serious foundations in voice production if you like the way my voice sounds for your ultimate goal.

Freelance Writing

Have a blog, web site, or newspaper, and looking for a writer that can help you pick up some slack?

I offer freelance writing services. I’ve written critical reviews (games, movies, music, etc), news announcements, articles, screenplays, just about anything that has to do with creativity or editorial content.

If you just need someone to write up an article based on information you’ve already gathered, I can help you transform it into an article that is enjoyable to read.

Rates vary depending on the type of article, the length required, and how much research is involved, if any.

Sound Production/Editing

If you need a particular sound for your audio/video production, I may be able to help you acquire the sound and send it to you in a format of your choice.

If you’re in need of someone to help you present your audio production to others, I am skilled in sound editing.

While most bands, DJs, filmmakers, or what have you like to see their production from start to finish, sometimes having an outside pair of ears help fine tune their production and get advice on what to do is beneficial to their end product.

Creative Consultancy

Have writer’s block? Need feedback on a movie/commercial you just made? Need someone to proofread your written work? Add jokes to a screenplay?

Its always nice to have someone with no bias read your script and tell you what they truly think about it and where it needs to be improved before you publish or try to shop it around to possible buyers.

Video Production

As a film major, I’ve got all the skills required to create a video production from start to finish.

If you need someone to help you create a video for a presentation, or if you’re a student who just needs someone who knows what they’re doing with a camera instead of relying on your buddy from class who’s never held a video camera in his life, you may consider hiring me.

Unfortunately this service is only available for people in the Southern California area at this time.  I can also edit your project.


Although I’m not a professional actor, nor do I aim to be one, I can act as well as improv if you’re in need of someone who does either.

I find myself to be more natural at being comedic than serious, but some say comedy is harder than drama, after all.

I’m sure I’d be able to pull off something serious if you wanted me to audition for it.

As with video production, this is restricted to the Southern California area only, unless you’re willing to pay for all expenses.


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