Some Show

Written with elmoisfurry.

Scene 1

(Narrator is sitting in a chair, cross legged)

Narrator: hello and welcome to the first episode of Some Show. Since this is the first episode, we’ll give you a little background information for the stars of our show.

(a kinda screwy guy looks at the camera)

Dave: honk!

(goes back to narrator)

Narrator: this is Dave. He just got out of rehab. In his spare time he’s a ninja that hangs around with clowns and pirates. They all use pogo sticks and usually go on night raids in people’s houses, stealing their milk in broad daylight

(Ted appears)

Ted: augghh!!

Narrator: this is Ted. He just broke out of jail, and hangs around Dave. He carries a big sword around and acts like Conan the Barbarian.

(Dave and Ted are sitting in a room watching TV)

Ted: I’m bored, let’s go somewhere.

Dave: wait a second – I hear something!

(Dave and Ted look at the closet door and out comes the Unsolved Mysteries guy, theme included)

(the camera goes back to an angle where you can’t see the closet)

Dave and Ted; ahh!!

(Dave and Ted run out)


Dave: I suck

Ted “the goopey man”: yep yep!

. . .

F! all that stuff above, for now at least, might bring back for later scene, but not in beginning, gay (you are)

. . .

Dave: ok, but where?

Ted: where else? But Scrappy and Scooby’s Sammich Stand!!!

Dave: ….oh yea…

Ted: wook

Dave: eh?

Ted (picks up sword): wookah (says it slow and mean…)

Dave: ………………………………..oooooooooooooooooooooooooh! or here (gives Ted 5 bucks)

(Dave picks up pogo stick and ounces off to the distance, …or drive away…)

(hopefully falling lotsa times in the process)

(Ted chases after his sword, its rolling away on a skateboard)


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