Bob: Hey Jim Bob!

Jim: Hey Bob Jim!

Bob: What’s Jim Bob up to?

Jim: I’m eating corn cob and Jim-Jim-Henery

Bob: Might I have a taste?!

Jim: Fuuuuuck no! He’s mine.

Bob: Fuck you, Jim-Bob! I think your gay!

Jim: your sister would say different, ass!

Bob: my sister is your sister!

Jim: ….oh yea! She was great.

Bob: you sicko! That ain’t normal! Sisters is for kissing and buying beer, not for having relations!!!

Jim: Well who isn’t related to us?

Bob: Old Freida

Jim: She’s dead!

Bob: But she’s in this town. Our last non-related neighbor was Cletus, but he gone turned yellow and went to Holly Wood

(a car pulls up with Cletus)

Cletus: hey y’all! I done come back to says my for-tune is gone, I spents it on malt liquor and purty ladies wigs

Bob and Jim: You got any food? We could go fer some!

Cletus: only corn cobs!

Bob and Jim: YAY!

Cletus: But! Only if you kindly hands over your ladies wigs! I just loooooooooooooove ladies wigs

(Bob and Jim head over to Old Freida’s grave)

Bob: there she be….lets screw her!

(Jim holds Bob back)

Jim: no! we’ve comes for her hair!

(Jim peels her scalp off)

Bob: lets go get our cobs!

(They got back to Cletus, who is masturbating on a lamp post)

Bob: we got your wig!

Cletus: I’m so sorry boys! I throwed ’em in my toilet and watched them spin around. I only meant to clean them!

Bob: you inbred BASTARD!

Cletus: Look who’s talken!

(Bob lights the lamp post on fire)

Cletus: oh boy, looks like this is my humble demise, save me Jim!

(Jim is fucking a goat)

Jim: Wha….what?!

(Cletus catches on fire)

Cletus: Bye mommy! Bye daddy!

Jim: Bye son!

Bob: Bye brother!

(Jim and Bob wave)

(Cletus melts into a yellow puddle, and a dog pees in it)

(Dog laps up the puddle, Jim barfs)


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