Garbage Pail Bears Episode 1

Guy: A time of war…


(a bear runs by the camera)


Guy: …a time of anarchy…


(the bear shoots his gun)

(screams of agony)


Guy: …and a time of no squeegee toys.


(the bear throws a grenade and ducks behind a tree)

(there is an explosion and a guy flies up into the air)


Guy: Get ready for…


Garbage Pail Bears

Garbage Pail Bears

Garbage Pail Bears


(there are some bears running around in a circle on a cloud. There is a big rainbow in the back. There is a cloud house on the right of the screen)


(inside the cloud house, the camera is focused on the door from the inside)

(the door opens and a bear comes in)


Spiky Bear: Sir!


(the camera focuses in on Bear of Clouds)


Bear of Clouds: yes?


Spiky Bear: Report about the war against the humans


Bear of Clouds: Is it good?


Spiky Bear: I’m afraid not sir, the Clouds have been scattered, and the heat has risen


Bear of Clouds: has there been an attempt to regroup?


Spiky Bear: No, sir. When I said scattered…I meant spread out across the world. The nearest bears that are next to each other are about 2 miles away. Some are up to 20.


Bear of Clouds (leaning back in his chair): My God. Make them all come back to the main Cloud base.


Spiky Bear: Yessir right away sir. Can I ask you something sir?


Bear of Clouds: yeah sure, whatever.


Spiky Bear: are you gay?


Bear of Clouds: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


(scene cuts to a line of bears, lined up)

(Bear of Clouds is walking in front of them, with one of those whips that generals have)


Bear of Clouds: ooh……sexy…..


(Bear of Clouds touches one of the bears on the shoulders, and whacks him in the leg with the whip)


Stupid Bear: SIR! Please, don’t whip me. Not here anyway.


(Stupid Bear winks)


Bear of Clouds: oh I’m sorry………………


(Bear of Clouds winks too)

(Soldier Bear flies in on his cloud)


Soldier Bear: I came back from the front!


Bear of Clouds: status report


Soldier Bear: wweeellllllll………..


Bear of Clouds: drop to your knees, close your eyes, open your mouth and be quiet


(scene cuts to a bear sitting at a desk)


Writer Bear: ….hmm….that was gay….why would I write something like that?


(Guy, the announcer, bursts in through the door)


Guy: Cuz Ya ARRREEEEEEEEEEEEE (gay that is)!!


Writer Bear: get outtaaa heeeeaaa!


(Writer Bear picks up his lamp and throws it at Guy)


Guy: uh oh.


(Guy gets knocked out)

(as soon as he falls, Storm Troopers burst in and shoot everything, killing Writer Bear)





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