Little Puppy Rosy, the Substance Abuse Puppy and Pals Episode 1 – LSD

This was actually done in real life for a presentation in Health, so it was meant to have actually been done in real life, which it was and Little Puppy Rosy is a Taco Bell Chihauhau toy. However, it was lost, so there is no copy of the video anywhere.

Puppy: Hi, I’m Little Puppy Rosy, the Substance Abuse Puppy, and I’m here today to teach you about LSD…with the help of my buddies: Larry, the drugged up bear-


Larry: Moo!


Puppy: -and, The Predator!


Predator: Rrrrn…


Puppy: My friends and I are going to go around town and ask random people about LSD and its effects


(Wait 5 seconds)

(Squeeze the puppy so its says “How cool is this”)

(Fade out)

(Fade in)

(Note: butt butt is stimpyismyname’s older brother)

(butt butt is in a car)

(Run up to him)


Puppy: What do you know about LSD?


butt butt: Oh! You mean Lysergic Acid Diethylamide? Sure, I know lots of stuff!


Puppy: Like what?


butt butt: Well, first of all, when you take it, it is called “dropping acid,” and its nickname is “acid”


Puppy: So what? What’s bad about it?


butt butt (looking up): You unintelligent miscreant! You get tension, chills, fever, trembling, a loss of appetite and nausea when you “drop” it!


Puppy: Thank you!


(Throw puppy, then fade out)

(Fade in)

(Andy is in car. Run up to him)


Andy: Whee! Driving!


Puppy: Hello, kind sir. Would you tell us something about LSD?


Andy: No!


(Turn away from Andy)


Puppy: There is no one to talk to about LSD. Hey, wait! There’s Raphael the LSD scientist


(Note: Raphael is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael, and is wearing a space suit)

(Run over to Raphael)


Puppy: Hey, aren’t you Raphael, the famous LSD scientist?


Raphael: Yes, I am, I know everything about LSD.


Puppy: Do you know who discovered it?


Raphael: Yes I do, it is Albert Hoffman


Puppy: Wow, what happened to him?


Raphael: he died, because he drank LSD and had an extremely bad trip


Puppy: How do you take LSD and what are its effects?


Raphael: LSD is usually placed on foods such as sugar cubes and gelatin and eaten. Abusers say it makes their senses sharper and that ideas float through their minds, but they can’t act on them.


Puppy: oh…so that’s the reason why Larry has been seeing all those dancing penguins with lollipops


Raphael: Yes, Puppy, it is a proven fact, it is from LSD. An LSD trip can be as long as 6 to 8 hours.


Puppy: What happens when you have a “bad trip?”


Raphael: Hmm…oh yeah! It can increase anxiety, a person already had and causes a mental breakdown. Some people may feel depressed, anxious, and unreal for days after a trip. A lot of abusers have flashbacks which are when the effect of LSD returns days or months after a trip.


(Note: Raphael 2 is a “naked” Raphael, with only a belt on kinda)

(Raphael 2 enters)


Raphael 2: Hey! Wait a second, you’re the guy that took my clothes, you’re not a real LSD scientist, you’re just an LSD abuser that got out of his cage!


Raphael: Uh uh uh….(Looks around) bye (runs away)


Puppy: So wait a minute, your the real LSD scientist?


Raphael 2: You bet your pants I am!


Puppy: I have no pants!


(Wait a while)


Raphael 2: k…bye


(Fade out)

(Fade in with Larry, Puppy and Predator)


Puppy: ok, kiddies now we’re going to recreate what it would be like if someone actually took LSD


Larry: whee!


Predator: Rrrrr….


(Fade out)

(Fade in)

(Larry and Predator walk up to Blue)


Larry: Yo, buddy. Got any Lysergic Acid Diethylamide?


Blue: What you talkin’ bout? I know you ain’t talkin’ ‘bout my momma!


Larry: No no no, man. I just want some LSD!


Blue: Oh ok. Here ya go


(Move arm up with big dropper and give it to Larry)


Larry: How much for it, dude?


Blue: Free, because I’m an idiot!


(Let go of Blue)


Larry: Ohhhk…


(Predator jumps up and down on him and they walk away)

(Fade out)

(Fade in)


Larry: Yo, Predator, you wanna drop it first?


Predator: Rrr….


(Predator lays down, face up, close up on his face and drop “LSD” on his face, zoom out)


Predator: Rrr! Rrr!! (Flies away)


(Have a bunch of random scenes)


(Note: these were the random scenes: a dueling pair of feet with both guys saying “engarde” and “touché”, a mosh pit with Rage Against The Machine music playing, Homer Simpson and Predator fighting, and another Taco Bell Chihauhau that had a rose in its mouth and said “I think I’m in love,” a pause, and then Predator knocking over the dog)


(Afterwards, have Predator laying on the bed, then stand up)


Larry: whoa man, LSD is messed up, I never wanna do that stuff


(A bunch of drops fall on Larry)


Larry: Predator…


Predator (laughing): rrr rrr rrr rrr!


(Fade out)

(Fade in)

(Same place and same order as in the beginning)


Puppy: Well, kids, I hope you learned the LSD is bad because it has long term affects on your body.


Larry: Uhh….yeah


Puppy: See you next time, when we talk about sniffing dogs and how it ruins your life. Bye!


Larry: bye


Predator: Rrr…


(They all wave)




The End


real credits, were somewhere along the lines of…

davepoobond – Wrote script, helped think up script. Voice of: Puppy, Blue

elmoisfurry – Helped think up script, camera, voice of: Larry, Predator

butt butt – Raphael, Raphael 2, Andy

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