Pikachu vs. Britney Spears

Pikachu is gonna marry Britney. They go to there house and get in their limo. They drive off. Britney brings out a Staryu with no glass. Pikachu starts screaming PIKA!! CHUUU!

Spears: But we need the glass for our sliding glass door.

Pikachu: CHUUU!

Pikachu chases her into McDonalds where Daryll Strawberry is standing on the counter and throws a few chicken nuggets at Pikachu. Then the Bucaneers football team comes in with jugs of cold coffee.

Spears: Look it’s the star-bucks!

They spill it because Ross Perot comes in hitting all he player with a 20 pound fish. A bunch of Vaporeons come and Carmen Electra gives them Spicy Doritos for pushing Pikachu into the burger machine. Then Pikachu blows his nose on one. Funny Bunny Wunnie comes and gives it to a car with Dennis Rodman, Ricky Martin, Madonna, and the chairman of Empre Rittle University.

Ricky Martin jumps out of the car with two supersized cup of sugar. He’s got the sugar inside of of him!

The New Radicals come in on a magic carpet.

New Radicals: Don’t give up you got the sugar in you!

Ricky Martin: Cup of Life OLEY OLEY OLEY!

A bomb blew up and everyone turned pink and started doing the macarena into NASA. They flew to Outer Space where they momboed to Mars.

One thought on “Pikachu vs. Britney Spears

  1. a think britney is really cool apart from wen she shaved her hed she must of been in denial* cant think of some-one shavin there hed just for charity a wudnt do to save ma life a luv ma hair lol anyway a think her songs aare mint love ya

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