uhh…Sport…No…Weather…No…Ah who cares Episode 5

Dude with finding new peoples cause everyone else is dead

Dude: Hello and welcome…tongiht I will find 2 new peoples to help with me…one for sports…one for weather

First guest walks in

Dude: Whats your name

Man: Uhh…


Man: Uhh…



Dude: oh

Uhh: I like weather

Dude: your in, now sit your butt down back there…NEXT

Man walks in and sits down

Dude: Whats your name

Man: Tomfoolery

Dude: You like sports?

Tomfoolery: Yes

Dude: Your in…well i would like to have another person around for video game review so NEXT

Man walks in and sits down

Dude: Whats your name

Man: Maker Of This Story


Maker Of This Story: I like video games let me in


Maker Of This Story: Quit yelling

Dude: sorry…hey can we call you somethin elese

Maker Of This Story: Call me Vid

Dude: Why Vid

Vid: Well i’m doing video games right

Dude: ok ok…well….Now to the news…for top story we have 3 new people, Vid, Uhh, and Tomfoolery…now with sports

Tomfoolery: Well…uhh…i don watch sports

Vid: Neither do I and I make this story and i hate sports so no more sports

Tomfoolery: then ill do…uhh…anime stuff

Dude: ok…so on to weather

Uhh: Man i’m out here in Alaska and boy its hot…ITS (*#$&$^%*# degrees

Dude: well we aren’t in Alaska and (*#$&$^%*# isnt a degree

Uhh: Oh

Vid: Listen i dont do weather either so Uhh your fired

Uhh: darn

Dude: hey you cant do that

Vid: Remember what i did with Sweaty and you

Dude: what did i say you cant do that i meant you can do whatever you want

Vid: So now its me you and Tomfoolery

Dude: well lets do video games now

Vid: Well recently I got an Ultima game called the Ultima Collection, it has 10 games on 1 CD…theres a thing called ultima akalebeth and then ultima 1 – 8…they all suck except for 6,7,7 part 2,and 8…so get that game…another thing is Starcraft…the only thing is is that its a great game…heard of Warcraft well thats what starcraft is except it has to do wit space…thats for PC…PSX is FF8…FF7 is better dont get FF8…just rent it and beat it…thats all…N64, well altogether N64 sucks but Jet Force Gemini (the longest game in the world) is ok but gets boring so dont buy it just rent it and try to beat it. Now to tommy fool boy

Tomfoolery: Well biggest news is that Gundam Wings got a gay pair…that hideo guy and duo thats all

Dude: ya know what…this sux peoples dont wanna hear news…so lets jus go to our everyday life…na how about….YEAH A TALK SHOW…so from now on I will actully IM real peoples and ask them questions and stuff…so until next show lata


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