Yuck! Be Gone Sauce

(a group of 4 people are eating in a fancy restaurant)

Fred in Red: what the hell! These ribs are rotten!

Nurple in Purple: My cobb salad ranks!

Toad in a Boat: my frogs legs are slimy

Pillsbury Doughboy: these aren’t my toaster strudels!!

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man falls out of nowhere, with huge work boots onto the table, making all the plates jump. He’s wearing jeans, a vest with nothing under, so you can see his big burly hairy chest, a yellow construction guy hat, and a heavy-looking hammer)

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: Don’t like your food? I’ve got a great *NEW* product for you to use

Fred in Red: what the — !

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: That’s right! Its called Yuck!-Be-Gone Sauce!

Nurple in Purple: wow! What is it, and will it make you get into my pants…?

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: well! I’m glad you asked what it is, but the truth is, I wouldn’t touch you with a hammer!

Nurple in Purple: awww…

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: But I’ll BASH you in the head with one!!

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man swings his hammer into Nurple in Purple’s temple, cracking his skull in half)

Fred in Red: …ew…

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: well, anyway

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man takes a bottle out of his pocket)

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man (pointing to it): That’s me on the bottle. What you do is, sprinkle a little of this on your food

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man sprinkles some Yuck!-Be-Gone Sauce on their food)

(they taste their food)

Fred in Red: It still sucks! It doesn’t taste any better than before, except there is an extremely poisonous aftertaste in every bite!

(Toad in a Boat crocks, falls into his frogs legs, and dies)

Pillsbury Doughboy: I think my lips are rashy!

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man gets FURIOUS)

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: I forgot the 2nd step though!

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man grabs Fred in Red’s tongue and slams it on the table, still holding onto it)

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: I forgot to HAMMER it down!!

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man slams his hammer on Fred’s tongue over and over and over. When Yuck!-Be-Gone Man lets go, Fred keels over and passes out, falling backwards in his chair)

Pillsbury Doughboy: mmmhmmm!

(Pillsbury Doughboy runs really fast, away from Yuck!-Be-Gone Man)

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man appears out of nowhere, and kicks him into the air, slamming him with the hammer into the ground, and pounding the fluff outta him)

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: I bet it tastes better now!

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man looks at the camera)

Yuck!-Be-Gone Man: Whaddya want??

(Yuck!-Be-Gone Man runs at the camera swinging his hammer over his head)

(the scene cuts to the technical difficulties screen)


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