DBC News Broadcast 1

David Broadcasting Company

Now top stories with David

Sports with Davis

Weather with Daveed

a few words from Mr. Whatshisname


Now for the top stories David: Welcome to DBC, this is a new TV station that you’ll grow to love. Now to the important stuff, 1. M n M’s are being cooked in Easy Bake Ovens!! Will this lead to war because the candy isn’t good enough??? Nobody knows and they don’t care! 2. Mice are carrying whole arsenals of guns, grenades, and other weapons!! Are mice planning to have a war??? Nobody knows…and they don’t care!


Daveed: Then what does anybody know and care about?


David: ……………………..Comic Books.


Daveed: That is the most lame answer anyone can give!!!


David: Did you read the one when Spider-Man beat up his mother-in-law? That was cool!!


Daveed: Ya I bet!


Davis: Man, would you 2 losers shut your traps and get on with the show so everyone can see my beautiful face?!?


David and Daveed: SHUT UP!!!!!!


Davis: OK you don. t have to yell at me!!


David: Oh, and did you see the one where the X-Men beat up a piece of poop?? That was SUPER cool!!


Producer: Get on with the stupid show!!!


Mr. Whatshisname: Why can’t I have a real name on T.V?


Producer: Because your name is too hard to pronounce!!


Mr. Whatshisname: Why can’t I have a fake name?


Producer: Because you already have one!!!!


Mr. Whatshisname: But……


Everybody: SHUT UP!!!!!


Mr. Whatshisname: Fine be that way!!!


David: As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted…


Davis: Oh, don’t start that again!!


David: People these days are so rude that I got interrupted twice!!


Producer: This just in!! Ratings are skyrocketing because you dumbasses are fighting!! Keep it up!!


Mr.Whatshisname, David, Davis, Daveed: SHUT UP!!!!!!!



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