Alien: Resurrection Song

So there’s an Alien behind and he’s breathin’ down on me,
And whoah! His breath is really stinky
So I take out a gun,
Blow him away,
Say goodbye as I blow him into next Thursday,
yeah, gotta kill that Alien scum

dododododododododo dododododododododo

Now I’m walking down a hall, looking left and right.
If someone attacks, I’ll make sure to put up a good fight.
Then 1, 2, out of the wall,
Blow them away and watch their bodies fall,
Ohh yeah, gotta kill that Alien scum

They gots oblong heads,
Big black eyes,
But you gotta see what happens when they’re electrified,
oh, yeah, gotta kill that Alien scum…

Oh, yeah, gotta kill that Alien scuuuuuuuum! Whoohee!!!

Thank yew, thank yew very much.

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