cat brian

Burnsy 618=Brian
my cat= Brian

oh my god i couldnt even talk

f roy 132: oh god my cats awake again

DustBuster400: DRUG IT

f roy 132: shes still walking silly

f roy 132: poor kitty

DustBuster400: pussy pussy pussy

Kocopelli8: mmmm…pussy

Burnsy 618 has entered the room.

f roy 132: SICKO!

Burnsy 618: ?

Burnsy 618: what did i do?

Aprilimania: f roy 132: poor kitty

DustBuster400: pussy pussy pussy

Kocopelli8: mmmm…pussy

f roy 132: not you


f roy 132: haha

Burnsy 618: okay………

Kocopelli8: DIE!!!!


f roy 132: my cat?!

Burnsy 618: i never knew you could be thta scary dusty

Kocopelli8: hahahaha

Kocopelli8: As your client, I advise you to tell me to shut the fuck up!

DustBuster400: no

Kocopelli8: well than fuck you!!

Burnsy 618: no fuck YOU

f roy 132: the future balahlabblah hmm hmm hmmm HMM HMMMHMHM

Kocopelli8: hahahHA my sister finally noticed my “swearing problem”

DustBuster400: uh oh brian

Burnsy 618: haha

f roy 132: your sister

f roy 132: aw

Burnsy 618: haha

f roy 132: my cat has a drug problem

Burnsy 618: wittle conwad has a sister

Kocopelli8: hahashaha

Kocopelli8: like you

Kocopelli8: your cat takes after you quite a bit

DustBuster400: uh oh brian

f roy 132: yea

Burnsy 618: what?

f roy 132: like adam

Burnsy 618: haha

DustBuster400: not you brian the cat brian mind your own business

Burnsy 618: ok

Kocopelli8: hahaha

Kocopelli8: Dusty

f roy 132: OMG

Kocopelli8: you’re so mean

f roy 132: AHHHHHHHH

Kocopelli8: and god-like

DustBuster400: haha i know i love you brian

Kocopelli8: let’s all bow down to Dusty

Burnsy 618: eew

DustBuster400: not you brian the cat brian

DustBuster400: GOD

Burnsy 618: no thanks

Kocopelli8: GOODNESS

DustBuster400: haha

Burnsy 618: well how the hell am i supposed to know

Burnsy 618: jeez

StarWarMax: hahahaa

StarWarMax: best convo since brian entered

Burnsy 618: oh yeah

Kocopelli8: brian the cat?

StarWarMax: not you brian the cat

Burnsy 618: haha convo

DustBuster400: hahahahah

Burnsy 618: fuck

Kocopelli8: GOD

Kocopelli8: my sister is so dumb, and so is Brian

Aprilimania: treated

Burnsy 618: fuck you conrad

Kocopelli8: not you brian, the cat brian


Kocopelli8: the drug addict

f roy 132: oh my god

DustBuster400: as your attonery i advise you to give me a high five

Burnsy 618: who are you to call anyone a drug addict conrad?

Kocopelli8: HIGH FIVE

Kocopelli8: well

Kocopelli8: I’m not a drug addict

Kocopelli8: or a cat

Burnsy 618: you have fucking pcp for breakfast

Kocopelli8: so THERE

DustBuster400: conrads never touched a drug in his live

DustBuster400: life

f roy 132: aw

Burnsy 618: how would you know this?

DustBuster400: because i give him peer pressure all the time

Burnsy 618: o

Burnsy 618: ok

Burnsy 618: whatever

DustBuster400: as your attonery i advise you to break into that eether

DustBuster400: brian your ever so lovable (not the cat)

Kocopelli8: MAXDT

Kocopelli8: send Erica a copy of To Impost

(he asked me in an IM if there was a brian the cat and i couldnt say YES so i said NO)

Burnsy 618: there is no brian the cat

DustBuster400: HAHAHHA

DustBuster400: oh boy

Burnsy 618: hahahahahaha

Kocopelli8: HAHAHAHAHA

DustBuster400: so gullable to

Kocopelli8: oh boy

Kocopelli8: no cat brian

Kocopelli8: HA

Burnsy 618: HA yourself

Kocopelli8: HA

Kocopelli8: HAHA

Burnsy 618: bioooooooooooooooooooooooooootch

DustBuster400: HA

StarWarMax: HA

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