#8552: SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u -> SR71 Steve

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: huh?


SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: about who?

SR71 Steve: You know who…….

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no i dont!!

SR71 Steve: …..Jeez, are you like high?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i jsut have no clue wha ur talking bout

SR71 Steve: Cause i think it’s pretty obvious what i’m talkin about

SR71 Steve: stoned?

SR71 Steve: drunk?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no im not a druggie?

SR71 Steve: just plain stupid?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no im not drunk

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: where da hell r u from

SR71 Steve: Mexico.

SR71 Steve: Mine english is no so good, so exuse please.

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: oh

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: yea ok

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: who is this

SR71 Steve: Juan.

SR71 Steve: who the hell are you?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no one but wha r u talking bout

SR71 Steve: Andrew.

SR71 Steve: He’s a racist sonofabitch.

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: andrew…ten y ya sn say steve?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wait!!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: stop ur confusing me

SR71 Steve: cause my boyfriends name is steven

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i htought u were juan!!!

SR71 Steve: the white devil could never understand the complex mind of a mexican.

SR71 Steve: I am

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: ur gay?

SR71 Steve: your friend andrew was racist to me, and i want an apology

SR71 Steve: and if i am?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wait andrew who?

SR71 Steve: the racist bastard that IMed me yesterday.

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: umm i kno 4 andrews a last name would help

SR71 Steve: I’m asking all of the people in his profile why he’s such a racist bastard

SR71 Steve: he does give good head tho

SR71 Steve: not as good as steve, but ya know

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wait r u a guy?

SR71 Steve: and if i am?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: idk im owndering

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: but whas this “andrew”s sn?

SR71 Steve: I can’t be bothered to remember

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: yea ok!!

SR71 Steve: you’re not answering my question

SR71 Steve: i gusse all his friends are racist homophobes as well

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wha ?

SR71 Steve: ………why is andrew such a racist bastard?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: adrew who

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: andrew*

SR71 Steve: i dunno, i try to forget the names of racist bastards so i don’t send my homies to pop a cap in thier ass

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: oh then i cant help ya

SR71 Steve: racist

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: im not racist

SR71 Steve: always tryin to rape my woman

SR71 Steve: and pillage my sheep

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i htought u were gay

SR71 Steve: so did i, but then i met jessica

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: ok

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: where jessica from

SR71 Steve: but then you’re racist friend andrew raped her and pillaged her sheep

SR71 Steve: iowa

SR71 Steve: just like me

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: iowa has farms?

SR71 Steve: yeah it does


SR71 Steve: yeah, originaly

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wow!! im so confused!!

SR71 Steve: is it agaisnt the law to move without telling the governmet or something?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no

SR71 Steve: most white devil’s are

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: but ur confusing me shitless

SR71 Steve: how can that be? white devils are made of shit.

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: im white?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i mean im a devil?

SR71 Steve: as are all you white devils who rape my woman

SR71 Steve: greedy bastards, can’t just settle for white pussy.

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i dont like woman

SR71 Steve: so you’re gay too?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no im a girl ‘n i like boys

SR71 Steve: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

SR71 Steve: you’re a girl?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: yea

SR71 Steve: no fucking way

SR71 Steve: you’re so masculine

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: u live in iowa how da fuck do u kno who i am

SR71 Steve: i used to live in iowa

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: stoop hcanging ya story!!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wha do i look like?!!

SR71 Steve: i’m not changing my story

SR71 Steve: i used to be gay untill jessica, altho i did like getttin head for andrew

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wha do i like look?

SR71 Steve: i was born in mexico, moved to iowa where my wife was raped

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: how old r u?

SR71 Steve: then moved to whereever the hell it is i am now

SR71 Steve: i’m too damn high to realize waht the fuck is going on

SR71 Steve: 12

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: ‘n u had a wife!!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: gosh u r really wqeird

SR71 Steve: least i’m not a white devil

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: whos a white devil

SR71 Steve: and i don’t use bullshit words like wqeird

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: oh weird**

SR71 Steve: what the fuck does wqeird mean anyways?

SR71 Steve: yeah, it is weird that you’d use a bullshit word like that

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: thanx

SR71 Steve: jesus, you are too fucking odd


Auto response from SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: omg im so confsued!!! call
me 7950384



SR71 Steve: stupid bitch, there’s nothing to be confused about

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: who u r

SR71 Steve: juan

SR71 Steve: i thought we went over this

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i kno but andrew who

SR71 Steve: my name isn’t andrew

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i kno

SR71 Steve: britany, you stupid slut

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: britany? who britany?

SR71 Steve: that’s what you said you name was

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no i nvr told u my name!!

SR71 Steve: yeah you did


SR71 Steve: SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: my name is britany

SR71 Steve: don’t you fucking remember that?\

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: yea ok!!

SR71 Steve: or were you lying?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: if my name was britany then y da fuck is my sn

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: so now you’re a lying racist homophobe white bastard

SR71 Steve: figured it was your gf

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: im straight!!!

SR71 Steve: it’s common in mexico to name you’re sn after your loved one

SR71 Steve: suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: im not from mexico

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: so y da hell would i do that?

SR71 Steve: i dunno, people named britany are pretty damn stupid most of the time

SR71 Steve: and you’re proving the theory

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: my name is alexis, my nickname is lexi, everyone calls me lexi, no my name isnt britany

SR71 Steve: then why the fuck did you lie to me?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i didnt!!

SR71 Steve: bullshit

SR71 Steve: SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: my name is britany

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: thats bullshit!!

SR71 Steve: hey, are you as turned on as i am?


SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: im really confused if thats wha u mean by turned on!!

SR71 Steve: are you aroused like i am?

SR71 Steve: my pussy is so wet

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: u have a pussy ‘n ur a guy

SR71 Steve: since when?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: u said ur a guy

SR71 Steve: nope

SR71 Steve: i siad i was gay and had boyfriends

SR71 Steve: got a problem with it?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: u siad ur juan, gay mesn u like guys!! so ur a guy!!!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: then u just said somehting bout ur pussy, WHEN UR A GUY

SR71 Steve: juan is a nickname

SR71 Steve: just like lexi is

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: sure it is

SR71 Steve: short for jaunita

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no its not!!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: thats bullshit!!

SR71 Steve: i’m the butch in the relationship

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: ok so who is ur boyfriend

SR71 Steve: John.

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no u said steve!!!

SR71 Steve: yeah, he’s just a little side thing

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: omg!!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: ur terrible

SR71 Steve: no, just a slut like yourself

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: how am i a slut

SR71 Steve: but back to the issue, is your dick as hard as mine is right now?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: u jsut said u had a pussy

SR71 Steve: no i didn’t

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: ‘n no i dont have a dick

SR71 Steve: you can’t prove shit

SR71 Steve: ………..sure

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: SR71 Steve: my pussy is so wet

SR71 Steve: you made that up!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: no

SR71 Steve: bitch!

SR71 Steve: whore

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: im not a bitch!!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: stop!!

SR71 Steve: oh man, my nipples are gettin hard.


Auto response from SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: im gonne kill someone if
this is his friend!!


SR71 Steve: this is so damn sexy

SR71 Steve: this is so damn sexy

SR71 Steve: fine then, be a bitch

SR71 Steve: oh yeah, you like getting warned don’t you bitch!

SR71 Steve: it just turns you on!

SR71 Steve: hey now, no need for that!

SR71 Steve: the fuck did i do to you?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wha did i do to

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: u

SR71 Steve: you wouldn’t answer my damn question

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: wha question

SR71 Steve: and called me a guy when i’m a girl

SR71 Steve: that hurts

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: im sorry

SR71 Steve: why anderw was such a racist bastard

SR71 Steve: eat me to make up for it

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: idk y he is

SR71 Steve: well i do

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: y is he

SR71 Steve: that’s what i’m asking?

SR71 Steve: this is going nowhere, you obviously are just another prude racist lying white devil whosse only skill is sucking cock

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: hoiw can i b prude if i suck cock?

SR71 Steve: good point

SR71 Steve: alright, in any case i’m done fucking you

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: who r u?

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: can u tell me now?

SR71 Steve: andrew

SR71 Steve:

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: andrew….

SR71 Steve: to bad you didn’t defend me, now i think you’re a bitch


SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: idk wha andrew u were talking bout!!!

SR71 Steve: i am andrew

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: i kno

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: but i kno 4 andrews os i didnt kno wha andrew was being “racist sonofabitch”

SR71 Steve: me, i was trying to get you to defend me

SR71 Steve: you obviously didn;t

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: if i knew wha andrew i would of stuck up 4 u!!!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: IM SORRY!!

SR71 Steve: sorry isn’t good enogh!

SeXiELeXi2FiNe4u: lol

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