With a Big Rock

7 o’ clock gotta get up

Alarm clock, mom yelling at me

See her downstairs

Time for a shower

Went to the school bus stop

Waited at the bus stop with my friends

Only had one, sorry

Waited with my friend, his name is Tommy

He (?)

He (?)

He (?)

Some other kid came up

Asked me for a match

I said, “I dont have one”

The bus was taking an unusual amount of time

Taking its time

I said I don’t got a match, sorry buddy

They didnt like me, they didnt like my pants either

They said, “You dont have a match, well”

You arent going to have any front teeth

They knocked them out

With a big rock

I didn’t cry

Ran home with blood in my mouth tears in my eyes, on my cheeks

Blood on my pants

I was bummin

Sorry I have no teeth mom

Kids knocked them out at the bus stop

Don’t send me to school again

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