#8538: MadManWithAnAxe -> doomsday

MadManWithAnAxe: What the hell did you just call me?

doomsday: nothin

doomsday: what r u talkinabout

MadManWithAnAxe: you heard me

doomsday: i haent even talked to u

MadManWithAnAxe: yeah you did

MadManWithAnAxe: it was a while ago

doomsday: when

doomsday: i dont remember

MadManWithAnAxe: well we were discussing midget porn

doomsday: midget porn

MadManWithAnAxe: yep

doomsday: ok well ive never talked bout midget porn before

MadManWithAnAxe: you did with me

doomsday: umm no i didnt

MadManWithAnAxe: we were contimplating how it will inevitably collapse the
structure of american economics

MadManWithAnAxe: remember now?

doomsday: no

MadManWithAnAxe: oh

MadManWithAnAxe: well….wanna talk about it now?

MadManWithAnAxe: c’mon

MadManWithAnAxe: everybody’s doing it

MadManWithAnAxe: don’t you wanna be popular?

doomsday: umm no

doomsday: i dont want to talk bout miget porn

MadManWithAnAxe: well…what do you want to talk about?

MadManWithAnAxe: Toast fucking?

MadManWithAnAxe: it’s this new thing where you fuck, or get fucked with toast

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