#8526: MadManWithAnAxe -> dnLFlipIt

MadManWithAnAxe: What’s up bro?

dnLFlipIt: Wassup MadManWithAnAxe! I’m dnL Flipit. brought to you by Dr.
Pepper/7-Up Inc.

I can tell you about the slammin’ new soda dnL, help you win $5 mil, play
games and more. To read more about privacy, click here

To get going, type “home” now.

MadManWithAnAxe: What did you just call me?

dnLFlipIt: Since this is your first visit, it’s a good idea to start by typing
“home.” That way I can show you everything I can do for you.

MadManWithAnAxe: nah, i don’t “swing” that way, brother

dnLFlipIt: Hmm… whatever!

>> I have cool games & downloads too. Type “play it” to check them

MadManWithAnAxe: Did you see that movie where the guy raped the little kids
and then he ate them?

dnLFlipIt: Who knows, know what I mean? lol!

MadManWithAnAxe: No…i’m afraid i don’t quite comprehend

dnLFlipIt: Amazing!

MadManWithAnAxe: You know what’s more amazing? when i break your fucking
foot off and shove it up up your asshole

dnLFlipIt: Uh… Whatever.


dnLFlipIt: I’m sorry?

MadManWithAnAxe: i forgive you

dnLFlipIt: I can’t believe you forgive me!

MadManWithAnAxe: Why not

dnLFlipIt: For various reasons, I suppose.

MadManWithAnAxe: suppose is a funny word

dnLFlipIt: Suppose is a funny word? I don’t know.

MadManWithAnAxe: you should

dnLFlipIt: It’s interesting that you say I should.

MadManWithAnAxe: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

dnLFlipIt: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

MadManWithAnAxe: Hey, i ask the questions around here, bub.

dnLFlipIt: Hey you ask the questions around here bub? Is that right?

MadManWithAnAxe: No…

dnLFlipIt: No? You sure?

MadManWithAnAxe: No

dnLFlipIt: I see.

MadManWithAnAxe: I don’t think you do

dnLFlipIt: What?

MadManWithAnAxe: you heard me

dnLFlipIt: Indeed.

MadManWithAnAxe: What are you wearing?

dnLFlipIt: Um… Regular guys’ clothes, I guess. Why do you ask?

MadManWithAnAxe: Because you make me so hot sometimes

dnLFlipIt: Oh yeah? I make you so hot sometimes?

MadManWithAnAxe: Oh yeah…i’m not gay, but, you’re different from other
guys. Rub my nipples

dnLFlipIt: Oh?

MadManWithAnAxe: YES

dnLFlipIt: OK…

MadManWithAnAxe: thanks!

dnLFlipIt: Sure!

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